How To Stall For The Tube – Follow The Rastaman

Forget about rodeo flips, alley-oops, kickflips, and lien airs, because the barrel ride is still, and always will be, the Holy Grail of waveriding. As they say, tricks are for kids. Dave Rastovich is no kid-he’s one of the best barrel riders on the planet. Let’s follow Rasta through one of the hundreds of barrels he got this past summer in Northern Sumatra for a perfect example of stalling for a tube.

1.Rasta drops into the wave straight instead of angling toward the shoulder and outracing the barrel.

2.Notice how he casually puts his hand into the face of the wave-even the very tips of your fingers make a difference in slowing down.

3.Delaying the bottom turn until the last possible second perfectly sets Rasta up for the oncoming tube section.

4.In this frame, Rasta gently puts on the brakes by pushing down on his back foot. To slow down even more, apply more pressure to the back foot.

5.After releasing his back-foot pressure, Rasta continues to stall by aiming toward the beach instead of racing to the shoulder.

6.No hand in the water, he’s aiming toward the shoulder and accelerating.

7.At this point, it’s all positioning. See how he’s ready to jam his hand into the wave should he gain too much speed?

8. With his eyes fixed on an exit, Rasta leans onto his back leg, slowing himself down just enough to get as deep as possible.

9.He’s locked in and standing as erect as the wave allows-you don’t want to get lipped in the head!

10.Rasta accelerates by leaning forward and prepares to be barfed out into the channel to the applause of all.-Justin Cotà‡