How To Talk Like Mick Fanning

Mick Fanning is 110-percent Australian.His mouth spits the most legendary slang you’ll ever hear. Mick has as many different ways to say, “We’re drunk” as Eskimos have to describe snow. “Oh, mate, we were off our chickens.” I asked Mick to explain some slang to me, and here’s a short list of Mickisms.


off ya’ chickens=really pissed (drunk)
blind=really, really pissed
get fingered=drunk
Scoff it=dig into food
Spear it=to get lucky
Skull it=pound a beer

Another way to talk like Mick is to say “that” before anything youà­re describing. Ità­s basically a replacement for the word “very.”

“We were that pissed.”
“She’s that hot.”
“Parko is that creepy.”

Now you and your friends should start saying this stuff. It will make people around you think your that Australian.