How You Be Feddy P?


Fred Patacchia has been holding it down for the North Shore on the WCT the last few years. He and Pancho are the only ones on tour that call the Seven mile Miracle home. The fact that he was born and raised in such a wave rich area, you know he likes to get his charge on, something no one has been able to on the so called Dream Tour in a quick minute.

Here’s a rushed post heat interview I did with Fred. It’s from a few weeks ago at the Nike 6.0 Pro. After our talk he made the Finals, and finished second, once again …MORINformed knows the contenders.

Well, I figured since he went on to finish second and the CT’ got kind of skunked again in Tahiti, this little talk would be interesting. Stay tuned for a more in depth sit down interview with Fred.

How was that heat?

It was pretty sick. We just got a new swell in today, and it’s pretty much pumping. I was having a little bit of a harder time on the rights, so I decided to go left, even though they haven’t been as good. I was able to pick a couple of good ones off and came out on top.

What board you been riding?

6’0″ Kerry Tokoro. It’s mainly the type of board I ride in these conditions, you know like three to four foot Rockies. It’s the one I rode at Bells, so it’s pretty much my all around shortboard.

When do leave for Tahiti?


You looking forward to that?

Oh yeah! There’s been a bunch of swells coming in there early season, and I’m hoping we get a couple because last year was tiny. You know, it’s always a bummer when you go to Teahupoo to get barreled and you’re doing turns. I hope this year we get something.

How’s that been? Last year was the worst, and this year isn’t starting off that great either.

Yeah, well the sport is dictated by Mother Nature, and you never know what your going to get. We always hope for the best, but sometimes we just don’t get it.

Alright, go get your shred on in the rest of this comp, and good luck out there on the CT’

Thanks Tom, see you around.