How’d He Do That?

mikey gleason

Mikey Gleason | New Jersey | Photo by Seth Stafford/SPL

How'd He Do That?

Seth Stafford spills the beans on his unique angle of surf photography

Mike Gleason
New Jersey
Photo: Seth Stafford/SPL

During a recent run of swell on the East Coast, TransWorld SURF Senior Photographer Seth Stafford decided to deviate from his normal routine in an attempt to capture something unique. Seth, like many other talented water photographers, was a competitive bodyboarder in his formative years; and by incorporating his wave-riding talent into his photography, he was able to nail this image. So how did it come to fruition?

"This session with Gleason was my first go at it, and I'm really happy with the results," Seth tells us. "I shot this riding a boogieboard, holding my housing in one hand. We would take off at basically the same time, me in front, and since a surfboard is faster he would accelerate right around me and we would both pull in together. It's a challenge, since I'm on a boogieboard and I'm down low. The second I hit his wake it basically dumps me off and rolls me." And did he get worked? "Not this day. It was mellow. Then we tried again on a straighter swell three days later and I got absolutely pounded. It definitely made me reconsider trying in anything much bigger. But in the right conditions, it's crazy how well this works."