Huge Arnette/Jamie O’Brien Giveaway Winner Announced

Jamie O'Brien Arnette Giveaway

Congratulations to (oh the irony) former professional bodyboarder Kevin Williams from Uvongo, South Africa for his winning caption below:

“Squido was pissed that Sponge Bob's room had a better view than his.”

Brilliant! For the record, Jamie O doesn’t hate anyone, spongers included. He’s just having a little fun with his two fingers. Enjoy your box of goodies from Arnette, Kevin!

TransWorld SURF, Arnette sunglasses, and Jamie O’Brien have teamed up to giveaway an awesome box of Arnette gear! To win, simply write the best caption (as judged by Jamie O’Brien himself) in the comment box below…

To help get you started, we let Jamie break down what was going on here: “I caught the first wave of this set, turned around, and saw a booger on it! It was a mental one and I was pissed ‘cuz a boog caught it—that’s not supposed to happen unless it’s Mike Stewart!”

The contest will run until February 1 and the winner will receive: 2 pairs of signature JOB shades (one pair actually signed), 2 pair polarized shades, 2 large tees, 2 large sweatshirts, 1 bottle opener, and a bunch of stickers to decorate your ‘hood.

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