Humboldt Surfer Punches Shark To Survive Attack

Scott Stephens

Humboldt shark attack survivor Scott Stephens. Photo courtesy

Humboldt Surfer Scott Stephens Punches Shark To Survive Attack

We've heard it before—the way to fend off a shark attack is to punch it in the nose. 25-year old Humboldt surfer Scott Stephens did just that Tuesday while getting dragged underwater by what he's guessing was a great white shark. "I opened my eyes underwater and punched the shark on the side of the head until it released me," Stephens told local media. "I saw a lot of blood," he added. The shark severed his leash and dug into him with wounds that doctors described as "scalpel like inflicted" wounds but was able to make it to the beach, get help, and make it to the hospital for surgery. What a bad ass. At a media gathering, Stephens was philosophical about the attack," "You’re entering into their home every time you go surfing," he said. "I have a lot of respect for him," he said.

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