Hurley’s Battle Of The Shops – Orange County

Last Friday Hurley put on a three-pronged surf shop event that included the likes of: Jack’s, HSS, Katin, Surfside, Laguna Surf and Sport, Killer Dana, Hobie and Froghouse. The contest pitted these Orange County shops against each other in surf, skate and karaoke. For the surf and skate portions of the event each team was allowed two pro riders and two shop employees, and each had to have a score.

In surf, some big time O.C. shredders showed up: Teddy Navarro, Chris Waring, Micah Byrne, Jesse Evans Pat O’Connell, Chris Drummy and Brad Edinger all went into battle for their respective shop sponsors. Katin featuring Navarro and Waring, and HSS featuring Byrne and Edinger made their presence felt early. The conditions weren’t the best, but there was a bump and the wind wasn’t totally on it.

In the first heat Waring stuck a double grab air, then worked it all the way to the inside, and connected to the shore break closeout. Like a miniature version of Bruce at the Eddie, the crowd cheered as Waring set up for the closeout, but instead of pulling into a waist high barrel, he opted for a floater, which he stuck but couldn’t ride out.

In the final HSS took early control, and mounted what seemed like an uncombatable lead. With 10 minutes or so left, Katin was the only shop that had a chance of taking down HSS, but it seemed laughable. Then Chris Waring made his prescese felt, who by the way claimed he was going to throw up a superman to me before his heat. With just minutes left one of the biggest sets broke outside that seemed to catch everyone, except one person. Waring stroked into the biggest wave of the event, didn’t do a superman, but pulled into a dumping barrel that seemed like it was going to closeout. Then out of nowhere he popped out, claimed it, and did two more turns. The beach erupted. Was it a 10? I thought so, but they didn’t give the scores and the results wouldn’t be announced until later that night at the party. In the end it was HSS pulling it out, but I want to see a score card.

The skate portion of the event wasn’t as dramatic, and didn’t have many well known pros, but it still went off. It was at the Hurley skatepark, at Hurley headquarters in Costa Mesa. Everyone slayed so hard, for a second or two I think it may have rained blood. In the end though, it was Jacks who pulled out, which disproved the fact that they were a jacks of all trades and masters of none.

During the karaoke contest was when the real fun started. Fueled by adult beverages and a sick cover band, “Color Me Bad,” who played the music to all the karaoke songs. Surfside put down an “ill” rendition of “Ice Ice Baby” by Vanilla Ice. Then Jack’s got on stage and things got dirty. A picture’s worth a thousand words, so check out the above pictures for a description. Jacks may have got their strip on, but it wasn’t enough to take Surfside, who also won the overall title.