Hurley’s Olympic Technology Earns Them ‘Men’s Boardshort of the Year’ SIMA Award

June 3, 2008 : – – Science and surfing were once worlds apart, but since Hurley has begun combining the two, they have been creating waves. Using state-of-the-art material discovered and developed by Nike for the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens, Hurley have created a boardshort that has just last week become the best boardshort, and maybe the best short, on the planet at the moment.

The prestigious accolade from the SIMA, the American based trade association for more than 300 surf industry suppliers, is for the boardshort product featuring the most exciting design, appeal or innovation during 2007. “Hurley¹s commitment to the surfer is not better demonstrated than a board short of this caliber,” Haskell added.

With 120% stretch (14 times more than the average boardshort), 72% less water absorption (which is actually lighter when wet) and weighing in 53% lighter than the average boardshort, the Hurley Advantage boardshort parallel techniques used in creating equipment for Olympic swimmers. Focusing on incredible stretch, ultra-light weight and great water repellency, which make them ideal for the ocean and a must have for surfers.

Former world number two-rated surfer Rob Machado and current World Tour surfer Adrian Buchan agree. “The Hurley Advantage boardshort is hands down the best boardshort ever,” said Machado, a surfer widely regarded as one of the best in recent times.

“Hurley’s boardshorts with the phantom fabric are like surfing with nothing on,” said top-rated ASP World Tour surfer Adrian Buchan. They are a great an advantage in the surf,” he added currently in Fiji for the Globe Pro. “Nothing else compares.”

Currently ranked eighth in the world, Buchan has been in awesome form throughout the year, which have been assisted through using the innovative technology available in the Advantage boardshort.

“I have had some good results lately hopefully by continuing to utilize the Advantage boardshorts will be one more thing that helps that continue,” he said. Manufactured from fabric which is super lightweight and water repellent, these are the most technologically advanced and functional boardshorts currently available.

Not just applicable to surfing and other water-sports, the Hurley advantage boardshort has been receiving notoriety through other sporting circles, as some Australian professional athletes have been using the technical fabric – gaining an edge in their training.

“We surf, so naturally we wanted something that made our surfing lifestyle that much more enjoyable. We were tired of being restricted by our equipment,” said Ryan Hurley, son of founder Bob Hurley. “I don’t want a rash, I want to feel light as a feather, faster than a cheetah, more flexible than a Russian contortionist,” he added. “These shorts provide that.”

While watching the Olympic Games this year, take note of the equipment the swimmers are wearing and remember that the average Joe is no longer exempt from this state-of-the-art technology; they are now available in a boardshort at your local surf store.