Hurley Team News

Jodie Nelson
Jodie Nelson just filmed a television pilot called “Meet The Pro with Chris Cote where she, Tom Delonge from Blink 182 and some of the guys from Good Charlotte, were all guests.

Rob Machado
Rob Machado finished 9th place in last week’s Monster Energy/Billabong Pro at Pipeline. Rob had a few good heats in the early rounds, posting some of the highest scores of the event, but eventually lost out in the quarterfinals due to lack of waves (for him that is, 1st and 2nd place had plenty of waves). Sean Moody lost out in the same heat, earning a 13th place.

Tim Curran
Tim Curran is on the Gold Coast of Australia, awaiting the beginning of the 1st stop on the 2005 ASP World Championship Tour. The waiting period for this event is March 1st-13th. Timmy is fired up and ready for a big year on tour!

Pat O’Connell
Pat O’Connell and Saxon Boucher went to their first ever NASCAR race on Sunday at the California Speedway. Pat and Saxon were invited to hang out in the pit of driver Kevin Harvick, who is a huge surfing fan. Pat was seen sitting Indian style doing some kind of meditating, good luck pose on top of a stack of Harvick’s tires. It must have worked, as Harvick finished 6th place, his best finish all year. Don’t worry, Pat and Saxon both declined offers to become full time members of the pit crew.

Rizal Tanjung
Rizal Tanjung is at home in Bali recovering from an appendectomy. Rizal will be out of the water for about a month. We all wish him a speedy recovery.

NSSA Airshow in HB
One of Hurley’s newest team riders, Robert Curtis, claimed 1st place at the NSSA airshow this weekend at Huntington Beach. Other Hurley team riders who did well were Dillon Perillo (4th Place Open Juniors) and Andrew Jacobson (3rd place Open Minigroms).

Nick Kovack
Nick Kovack won the Volcom Blowfish Series final event of the season this weekend at D-sreet in Encinitas. Nick won 2 of the 4 events and finished 1st in the overall ratings!