Hurley U.S. Open Of Surfing All-Star Balloting: The Results Are In!

Bruce Irons WPS All Star Event Hurley US Open Of Surfing

Bruce Irons sits atop the pecking order at Pipeline…and the WPS Hurley U.S. Open Of Surfing All-Star voting. Photo: Bielmnn/SPL

The last time we checked the voting for the WPS All-Star Expression Session during the U.S. Open, Basque surfer Aritz Aranburu was leading the ratings by a mile…until some marketing peeps got a hold of the voting and turned it onto it's head.

That said some of the world's most popular surfers were voted into a special expression session that will go down during the final two days of the Hurley U.S. Open Of Surfing at Huntington Beach Pier July 20-26. While there's sure to be some controversy and bitter pills to swallow, the results are in and set in stone…

2010 Hurley U.S. Open WPS Expression Session invitees:
1) Bruce Irons
2) Dane Reynolds
3) Rob Machado
4) Taj Burrow
5) Jordy Smith
6) Yadin Nicol

Now that you've seen the list of invitees, who's your pick to take the WPS Expression Session?