Hurricane Sandy Headed Up Eastern Seaboard

Hurricane Sandy Headed Up Eastern Seaboard
According to hurricane expert Al Roker, hurricane Sandy could brush the northeast early next week after making its way up the Eastern seaboard. The category 1 storm is now passing through the Caribbean and drenching Jamaica with strong winds and rain. And you thought 'cane season was over? Cross your fingers for a safe, yet surf-producing path—our East Coast brethren could use some surf after a meager hurricane season.

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Hurricane Sandy was about to make landfall along Jamaica’s southeast coastline, while forecasters said there’s a chance Sandy will eventually hug the East Coast and possibly even make landfall in the Northeast.

One of two computer models being tracked has Sandy moving inland over the Northeast by early Tuesday morning, NBC News meteorologist Al Roker said on TODAY.

That scenario is more likely to play out, he added, if the jet stream curves back and allows “Sandy to hug the coast and bring it as either a tropical storm or very weak hurricane.”