Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem Results

Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem

10th annual Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem at Ho'okipa on Maui. Photo: Noyle/Red Bull

Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem

10th annual Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem at Ho'okipa on Maui. Photo: Noyle/Red Bull

Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem236

10th annual Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem at Ho'okipa on Maui. Photo: Noyle/Red Bull

Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem

10th annual Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem at Ho'okipa on Maui. Photo: Noyle/Red Bull

10th Annual Ian Walsh Menehune Mayhem Highlights

10th Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem Brings Maui Surf Community Together

HO'OKIPA, MAUI (March 19, 2013) –Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem celebrated its 10th anniversary on Saturday with 120 young contestants surfing in 10 divisions. There were 38 heats, in 4 to 8 foot waves, providing the youngsters with challenging, but highly contestable, surf at the Pavills Peak. Menehune Mayhem is a surf contest that celebrates community and the scholastic achievements of its participants.

The parking lot at Hookipa Beach Park was constantly full throughout the day with a wide-variety of Maui surf community members, passers-by and random tourists checking out the action. Despite an overcast sky, there were over 400 people that came to Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem, partaking in the various activities surrounding the kid's surf contest. For the past decade, this event grew into the premier keiki contest in Maui and is morphing into a community celebration says Ian Walsh.

"Over the last 10 years this event has grown a lot. It's kind of like a mini-carnival now we have a dunk tank, jumping castles, a DJ with a dance contest, an art gallery so all the kids can paint stuff, a scavenger hunt, a flotilla of trampolines and things for the kids to play on, and we have a surf event," says Walsh, who is an internationally-recognized professional surfer and Maui native.

"When I first started this event I started it as something for the kids to look forward to and give them something to do because there was a lapse in surf events in Maui at that time and I was 19 when I started it," says Walsh. "It's something that has grown into this big event. When I started it I had a vision of where I wanted it to go and it's definitely surpassed that and I keep setting higher goals of what I want to be able to give the kids and let them be able to experience each year. It's a big difference from the first to the tenth year, but I think the overall feeling of support the community has given the event is without a doubt the same high level."

"[Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem] is something that brings the whole community together which is the thing that makes me the most proud about the event. It's not just one person running it; it's the whole community's event and only operates because of so many people's involvement. This something fun that I get to do and to be able to give back to a place that has given me everything that I have in my life right now; all of my friends, family and everything I learned from the ocean around here so I'm happy to do it."

In addition to presenting competitive surfing awards, Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem also recognizes academic achievement. Ian Walsh was valedictorian of King Kekaulike's class of 2001 and awards prizes for competitors with the highest grade point averages. This year Maui County Mayor Alan Arakawa presented six academic excellence awards.

"This an example of someone coming from the community, a young gentleman that wanted to give back to the community," says Mayor Arakawa, "for [Ian Walsh] to be willing to comeback, sponsor an event like this, specifically for the youth, and to encourage them to not only be very active sports-wise, but to reward their scholastic ability sends a real strong message that it's important to have athletic skill, as well as be a good scholar is tremendous for the community."

10th Annual Ian Walsh's Menehune Mayhem Results
Boys 7 and under
1) Roran Mullen
2) Steve Roberson
3) Eric Roberson
4) Otis Buckingham

Boys 8-9
1) Ty Simpson-Kane
2) Jackson Bunch
3) Luc Guidroz
4) Chasen Anderson

Girls 9 and under
1) Kaylani Mullen
2) Savanah Stone
3) Chrislynn Simpson-Kane
4) Ashley Nielsen

Boys 10-11
1) Ocean Maredo
2) Tony Nunez
3) Tyty Kirby
4) Axel Rosenblad

Girls 10-11
1) Lehiwa DeVault
2) Tatiana Ehro
3) Ella Self
4) Tatiana Jones

Boys 12-13
1) Tristan Aiwoni
2) Cody Young
3) Logan Bediamol
4) Conan Gentil

Girls 12-14
1) Summer Macedo
2) Sophia Johnston
3) Kailee McCarthy
4) Kayla McCarthy

Boys 14-15
1) Imai Kalani–DeVault
2) Monte Grant
3) Kristian Olsen
4) Ean Kimmel

Girls 15-17
1) Sierra Lerback
2) Serene Gunnison
3) Sierra Larsen
4) Tasha Jahrmrkt
5) Isabella Pickering
6) Charlotte Clark

Boys 16-17
1) Justice Patao
2) Chaz Kinoshita
3) Kaimana Kinimaka
4) Kai Crissom

GPA Awards:
Serene Gunnison 3.71
Tasha Jahmarkt 3.85
Sophia Johnson 3.85

Logan Bediamol 4.0
Ethatn Bediamol 4.0
Cody Young 4.0

Memorial Awards:
Eric Diaz
Stryder Olsen

Tristen "Turtle" Brenan
Kalaheo Kahikina

Justin Roberson
Chase Anderson

Steve Cooney
Chrislynn Kane

Andy Irons
Kainalu Taniguchi

Sion Milosky
Kailee McCarthy

Waterman Award
Miles Serifica

Fisherman Award
Jackson Bunch, James Kemper and Roran Mullen