Ian Walsh’s 10th Annual Menehune Mayhem

Fox Surf Presents Ian Walsh’s 10th Annual Menehune Mayhem

Ian Walsh, an advocate for introducing and instilling a passion for surfing in Hawaii’s youth, created Menehune Mayhem with the help of Red Bull and Fox as a way of giving back to the children and teens of Maui. The one-day free event showcases what the surf culture and sport have to offer on Maui. This year marked the10th annual of Ian Walsh’s Menehune Mayhem.

Additional awards were given at the end of the event including SIX Surfing Scholar Awards based upon GPA and SIX Memorial Awards, in honor of: Andy Irons, Eric Diaz, Justin Roberson, Steve Cooney, Tristan “Turtle” Brennan, and Sion Milosky. All competitors are eligible to win these honorable memorial awards.

Music: Belize “Happen So Fast”

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