Iberia Airlines destroys big-wave surfer Natxo Gonzalez’s boards

Have you ever held a big-wave surfboard? Felt the weight and sturdiness of guns like a 10’4″, a 9’6″ or even a 7’4″? If you have, can you imagine any other way than the ocean to snap one of those in half?

Somehow, Iberia Airlines discovered how to do just that to three big-wave surfboards of the aforementioned sizes belonging to big-wave surfer Natxo Gonzalez. Upon arriving in Santiago, Chile, for a big swell, Gonzalez discovered his boards were broken like twigs.

10'4, 9'6 and 7,4. @iberia Have you thrown them from a seventh floor? Not easy to break this kind of boards….

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As Gonzalez said in a video posted to Instagram, “Arriving in Santiago de Chile for a massive swell and this is how the boards came out … Thanks @iberia!”

Doing this sort of damage to surfboards made to withstand anything the ocean can conjure up is a bit dumbfounding. If it weren’t so terribly disappointing, we’d almost want to ask Iberia Airlines exactly what sort of technology they have created that can be more powerful than the ocean.

No word yet from the Basque Country surfer on whether he will be compensated for the damages or not. Many pro surfers (and everyday surfers) have dealt with this over the years; sometimes it’s a battle and sometimes the airlines cooperate. Hopefully Gonzalez can get the airlines to cooperate, and hopefully there are some boards he can borrow in Chile for the swell.

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