Imaginarium: A Contest To Progress The Creativity Of Surf Photography

TransWorld SURF’s Imaginarium: A Contest To Progress The Creativity Of Surf Photography.

Three Teams. Three Destinations. Three Colors. One Winner.

In the tradition of TransWorld's groundbreaking photography contests that include TransWorld SKATEboarding's "Skate And Create" and TransWorld Snowboarding's "Team Shootout," here is the first-ever surf photography challenge that tests the surfers, the photographer, the brain-trust at each company, and eventually the reader—hopefully changing the way we all view surf photography.

Three teams of four surfers started their photographic journey by picking (at random) their "theme color," which will be dictated by one of the four colors of the CMYK color model: cyan, magenta, yellow, and black. After picking their "theme color," teams were given a month long window where they let loose on the world and had to choose the location to shoot their piece, resulting in an eight-page showcase in TransWorld SURF magazine, video and gallery on, and the winning team's best shot being showcased on the cover of TransWorld SURF.

Using lighting, props, obstacles, outfits, and anything else they want, the teams scattered around the globe and came back with the goods.

TransWorld SURF's Imaginarium surf photo contest

How It Works:

-Four teams were chosen (one team had to drop out due to unforseen circumstances) to create an eight-page article for TransWorld SURF, as well as a five-minute video for

-The teams had the entire month of June 2010 to go anywhere in the world to shoot their article.

-No photoshop allowed.

-The final submissions was judged by the TransWorld SURF staff, as well as TransWorld SNOWboarding Photo Editor Nick Hamilton and TransWorld SKATEboarding Editor Ben Kelly.

-A submission of ten photos was judged. Any sequences will take up the judged space of one photo. The photos were judged as a group and made up 50 percent of the overall score. The remaining 50 percent of the overall score was determined with 25-percent focus on creativity, and the other 25 percent on the teams' video.

Winning team gets the cover and a pass into next year's Imaginarium.

Big thanks to Imaginarium sponsor Monster Energy! And check out the full Imaginarium feature in the December 2010, which hits newsstands October 17th. Head to for more on the 2010 Imaginarium.