Imaginarium: Sanuk’s Working Man’s Wave

Sanuk: The Working Man's Wave
Directed By: Joey Maiocco
Photographed By: Brian Bielmann/SPL
Director Of Photography: Scott Nichols
Filmed By: Scott Nichols, Tony Vercelli, Brent Firestone, Branden Aroyan
Surfers: Matt Meola, Alek Parker, Albee Layer, Kilian Garland

Sanuk's crew of delinquent desk jockeys set out to pay tribute to all the nine-to-fivers out there just working for the man and wishing for the weekend. You know who you are. Same shit, different day. Sanuk's Imaginarium submission is dedicated to you and all the other underdogs and working-class rippers locked away each day in the three-walled prison cells we call cubicles.

Tired of the mundane water-cooler talk, the incessant phone ringing, your boss' bad breath, the keyboard clicking, and the cackling hens in accounting? Of course you are. That's why it's time to break free of your gray flannel jail and discover the oasis you truly deserve.

Let's chalk one up for the regulars, the early birds, the deadbeat janitors, the number crunchers, the copy-machine cowboys, and even the taco-truck lady who rolls in every day at exactly 11:35 a.m. Let's chalk one up for every person out there with unfulfilled dreams of a better life. Let's chalk one up for a vacation from normality. Let's chalk one up for happiness.

If all you're getting barreled in is a sea of paperwork, then it's time to make work your beach. After all, even the worst day in the water is better than the best day at the office.

It's 9:00 a.m. Time to clock in.

What is Imaginarium?
We started Imaginarium to challenge the status quo, and in its third year, our surf photography contest has produced some of the most interesting images and short videos you'll see all year. This year, teams from Sanuk, Body Glove and VonZipper produced some of the coolest entries we've ever had.

We challenged three teams of four surfers to conceptualize and produce a unique and creative photo submission. They were also responsible for a video submission, which can be found on The themes and ideas were up to them, and they were free to use any props, lighting, and equipment. The only rule was no Photoshop. Submissions were judged by the TransWorld SURF edit staff, as well as editors from TW SNOWboarding and TW SKATEboarding.

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