Imaginarium: The Story Behind Oakley’s “Can Anything Go Yellow?” Video

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Dustin Barca, Kolohe Andino, Sebastian Zietz, Tommy Whitaker
Directed by:
Photographed by:
Russ Hennings
"When we heard the concept, the first thing we thought about were flashes in Tahiti," said Oakley's Ronnie Nelson. "When we got yellow, we knew we had the right color for what we wanted to do." Like most collaborative efforts, the hardest part of creating their final product was deciding on one concept to execute. "We threw so many ideas around, but the clincher was having Russ Hennings and his mega-flashes; with those, we are able to balance the strong backlit sunset with front lit studio type lighting. This creates a natural yellow tint to the photos. Every image is so different; as the sun sets, the colors change dramatically." Other than utilizing the sun's yellow rays to bolster their color, Oakley employed a bevy of hot models, rented sets, and hired actors to create a mini-movie that is as funny as it is well shot. "We shot surfing, beer, girls, and mansion parties," laughs Nelson. "Who wouldn't sign up for a trip like that?"

Check out Oakley's Imaginarium photos in the December 2010, which hits newsstands October 17th. And head to for more on the 2010 Imaginarium.

Stay tuned, Globe video rolling out out Wednesday 10/6.