Indo Board Offers New Colors

Indo Board Offers New Colors

The Indo Board Balance Trainer, one of the hottest and funnest “out of the water” training tools to hit the boardsports industry, now comes in new color graphics for 2001 including light blue/blue, black/gold and yellow/orange. The Indo Board and the recently introduced super-sized Indo Pro are favorite training tools of world champion athletes including surfers Layne Beachley and Joel Tudor, wakeboarders Parks Bonifay and Tara Hamilton, water skiers Freddy Krueger and Toni Neville and mountainboarder Akoni Kama.

The color graphics are available on both the Original Indo Board and the longer Indo Pro, along with the original, clear finish. Two noteworthy surf artists, Michael “Nemo” Nemnich from Satellite Beach, FL and Alex Lanau from San Diego, CA, created the designs and graphics.

Differing from similar products on the market today, the Indo board features a user-friendly wide oval design allowing the average person to quickly achieve the basic fundamentals of riding the board, and the fun factor is almost instantaneous.

The recently released Indo Pro, twelve inches longer with a two inch higher roller, provides more room to move for riders over six feet tall or for dedicated Indo Board riders who want to step up to the challenge of performing fancy footwork, ollies, shuvits, and 360à'º spins.

The Indo Boards consist of a specially shaped board balanced on a long roller, that help the enthusiast develop balance, coordination, good core fitness and improved motor skills all while having FUN. The name “INDO” comes from indoor, as this particular balance board originally evolved as an indoor surfing simulator.

“Surfing is the only sport I know of that consists of three objects (the board, the rider and the wave) moving totally separate from one another. The Indo Board is also made up of three objects (the board, the rider and the roller) moving separately yet in sync,” explained company owner and long-time surfer Hunter Joslin, who developed the board over a period of 35 years. “Keeping the ends from touching the ground requires the same balance techniques and body mechanics as when riding a surfboard across a wave. For me, this produced an exhilarating feeling of accomplishment which brought on an instant obsession with riding the Indo Board for hours on end during extended East Coast flat spells.”

The Indo Board can be used anywhere a six-foot square space is available, indoors or out, although Joslin advises to start on a carpeted surface. “Anybody can ride an Indo Board given a few basic instructions and something or someone to hold on to initially. The learning curve for most users is approximately 5 to 10 minutes. After that, Indo Boarding becomes routinely easy and fun. Keeping the board from touching the ground for extended rides is the goal and challenge,” he said.

With its origins in surfing, all levels of boardsport enthusiasts can benefit from using the Indo board as a fun cross training device, including wakeboarders, snowboarders, windsurfers, skateboarders, skimboarders, kiteboarders and sandboarders. The Indo Board has become especially useful in helping board riders hone technical skills required to successfully execute aerial maneuvers that are defining the cutting edge of high performance.

Indo Boards are available at selected specialty retailers nationwide, or at

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SURFERS:The Slater Brothers (Stephen, Sean, and Kelly) Tom Carroll, Tom Curren, Layne Beachley, Ken Bradshaw, Bonga Perkins, Joel Tudor, Laird Hamilton, Titus, Kinimaka, Jesse Fernandez, Jeff Kramer, Darren Ledingham, Jimmy Gamboa, Israel Paskowitz, Bob Hurley, Aaron Chang,Tom Wegener, Peter Townend, Serena Brooke, Cori Schumacher, Kim Hamrock, Mary Bagalso, Herbie Fletcher, Christian Fletcher, Matt Kechele, David Spier, Frieda Zamba, Mitch Kaufmann, Buddy Evans, Danny Melhado, Barton Lynch, Damien Hardman, Martin Potter, Shaun Tomson, Mimmi Munro, Makua Rothman,