Indo Part Two

Intro by Mark healy
Captions by Bobby Martinez
Photos by Brian Bielmann [IMAGE 1]

The trip started when I met up with Bobby Martinez, Roy Powers, and Dustin Barca at LAX. No one was looking forward to the 30 hours of flights and layovers ahead, but we were all stoked to be going. Our flight went smoothly, with only a couple of near casualties due to the in-flight beverage service. We met up with Fred Pattachia and photog Brian Bielmann in Padang, and got on the boat. The ocean was the calmest I’d ever seen, but somehow Roy got seasick within the first half-hour of our voyage.

Bobby and Fred shaved (Bic’d) each other’s heads. It was hilarious hearing Fred yell every time Bobby nicked his head with the razor (I think that was Bobby’s way of getting even with Fred for that interference call he gave Bobby at the NSSA Nationals.)

Once we got out to the surf, we realized this was going to be a typical Mentawai’s trip, with perfect waves everywhere. Everyone was really pushing each other to surf better. For example, whenever someone was going to catch a set, everyone else would yell: “Do something!” or “Go deeper, you puss!” When we weren’t surfing, we were usually playing cards, listening to Marley, or doing impersonations of famous Hawai’ian surfers by mixing pidgen with a lisp.

During one session, I hit the bottom with my head and back. Thankfully, Fred was kind enough to dig the coral out of my head. Anyways, I had to shave around the wound, so I ended up getting a mohawk and the nickname “Tommy Gun.” We surfed flawless Macca’s and H.T.’s – the perfect mix of front and backside barrels – for more than six hours. We left just before a boatload of Brazilians came out. It was a trip I’ll never forget, and I’m looking forward to trying to go next year (hint, hint, Zeldo). – Mark Healey