Influences: Christian Fletcher


If you've ever tried an air, you've been influenced by Christian Fletcher–it's as simple as that. While Christian didn't invent the air, he brought it to us like no one ever had before, and he's still bringing it. Always outspoken and always outrageous, Christian's list of influences is obviously unlike anyone else's.

As we all know, our first influence in life is our parents and family. Christian's family was eccentric to say the least: “My parents named me after the mutineer Fletcher Christian from the movie The Bounty. That has kind of stuck with me.” The mutineer spirit shows in his lifestyle; he always seems to be going against what the mainstream is going with.

“When I was younger, I just tried to skate on my surfboard, and surf on my skateboard. I remember learning how to ollie with Jason Jessee at the Carlsbad Skatepark in 1975. Guys like Duane Peters and Jay Adams were my first role models.”

As Christian grew up, he started getting into his craziest antics with his best friends Justin Roberson and Chris Williams. “We always got into the most trouble together. They've both since passed away, but they will always have a huge effect on my life.”

Suprisingly, the women in Christian's life are a big influence to him as well, “My mom is the smartest, most motivated person I've ever met. My girlfriend is like that, too. She's so smart, I wish I had some of those characteristics.”

Another surprise is a movie that Christian has seen over 80 times. “I used to go over to my uncle's house and he only had two movies. One of them was The Road Warrior. I want to live like The Road Warrior. It's the best movie ever.”

Nowadays, as the father of Grayson Fletcher, Christian is influenced by Grayson's skating. “Since he was twelve, he's been better than me at skating–and I've been doing it for over twenty years! That gets me motivated to skate harder.”

As surfers, it's our duty to thank all the influences that make Christian the way he is. He changed the face of surfing as we know it. He's an innovator, a punk, a death-metal freak, a skater, a devil, a businessman, a father, and a instigator–he's Christian Fletcher.–C.C.