Tim Curran has affected countless surfers. The 27-year-old goofy-foot who calls Oxnard home launched his way into the limelight in the mid 90s with an aerial prowess rivaled by few. Then he made his way into the WCT, where in 1999, he reached a career high of fifth place. Switchfoot barrels, massive Superman airs, and a rail-burying cutback are a few of his trademark moves. When you’re surfing with Tim, you’re often having to look up to see him. So it’s no surprise that his main influence comes from above:

“My first and main influence is Jesus. That’s my heart. He did something that was really special for all of us—he died for people who hated him. Every since I was a grom I was convicted (feeling guilty), and I knew he was real. I think life is hard, but I try to do my best to live how the Bible says and try to give glory to him, ’cause it’s not about me, it’s about him. I’m just so blessed and thankful for everything he’s allowed me to do in this life.

“Other influences are obviously my parents. My mom and dad were huge influences in raising me to believe a lot of the things I believe today—they’re great people. Another major influence is my wife Shanoah. She’s just amazing—she constantly inspires me to be a better person. I think that’s the biggest thing, being able to be with her. She shows me how to love, I learn a lot from her. Then all my brothers—Josh, Nathaniel, and Taylor—their creativity and support. We’re very close and get along like best friends. And last would be my friend and manager Rick Devoe. He’s an amazing person, the way he works and deals with people is so inspiring. He works so hard, but he’s having such a blast the whole time. I really admire his ability to get so much done with such a positive attitude.”