Innersection Round 3 Editors’ Picks


The third round of four for Taylor Steele's newest movie, Innersection, is here. We've got our top three picks that are sure to make this round's cut. You can check out all the submissions for this round at (and you can click on each of our pick’s names to head right to their entry). We wanna hear your thoughts, too. Who are your favorites from this round?

Chris Cote, Editor In Chief

Dillon Perillo: I always knew Dillon was a good surfer, but after watching this section, I realize that he's a great surfer. Good style, he charges, the song is good and the variety is all there, the editing is spot on, and the overall quality is fantastic.

Josh Kerr: The airs that Kerr does in his part are mental. The song is borderline annoying but the quick scenic cuts and the tight editing make up for that. If anything, I think Josh could add more backside action and a couple of variations on his frontside airs. Overall, this part got me hyped to surf, which is the point right?

Pat Gudauskas: Mavericks, flips, tubes, and ripping, what else do you want in a surf section? Pat G has a good chance of winning this Innersection heat. The song is good, the editing and filming is great, and even though he does do a little nature walk, the lifestyle is fitting and not overdone. Nice work frother.

Casey Koteen, Managing Editor

Clay Marzo: Amazing blow tails were expected. But some of those mental barrels show how impressive his wave-knowledge skills are, which is good because the song choice made me want to cry and throw up at the same time.

Josh Kerr: Most air variety I've ever seen in two minutes. Amazing part, only thing that would've been nice to see was some big wave stuff to round it out. Kerr's got the sack, just needs the footage of it.

Dean Morrison: Super strong, committed gaffs, a few retardedly deep tubes, and a bunch of big airs. Great section, I just wish he'd cut loose like that in his World Tour heats from time to time.

Justin Cote, Online Editor

Jalian Johnston: I like Jalian's part because it was so different than all the other entries. In case you've never heard of him, the dude wears handmade leaves, sticks, twigs and shit, super out there but a ripper nonetheless. His part also had some random spots that I didn't recognize—no shitty little Lowers for Jalian! Yeah mon!

John Florence: Big waves, small waves, skateboard, whatever, "Two Johns" has mad skills—and a kick ass Danzig song to kick start his way into the next Taylor Steele film.

Ozzy Wrong: I love the fact that "Ozzy Wrong" made his own song—and surfs his own way. We all knew about Ozzie's aerial antics, but I think his act in the draining barrels at an undisclosed Indonesian left will really open some eyes.

Carl Steindler, Photo Associate

Clay Marzo: His part has a good mixture and variety to it and really showed how well he surfs. Front side, backside, big tubes, progressive airs, massive hacks, airdrops, and walking on wet rocks—what this video may have lacked in editing (compared to its counterparts) was surely made up for with solid surfing.

Pat Gudauskas: Wow! Great editing and insane surfing. I actually enjoyed Pat's section the most this round, he pretty much did it all. Traveling with Pat all over the world to watch him tear apart all sorts of waves (some in death-defying conditions) was a refreshing approach and really showcased his versatility and how good he is.

Josh Kerr: Another simple edit but short, sweet, and too the point. I could've watched this section with no sound and still got fully into it. Some of those airs towards the middle and barrels at the end are on a whole other level. I think Josh had the best aerial surfing this round so hopefully his simpler edit will not hold him back any.

Ryan Brower, Editorial Assistant

John Florence: No one charges Pipe harder and has a huge bag of new school repertoire at such a young age. Put it to Danzig and you've got yourself a section in Taylor's newest flick, John.

Ozzy Wrong: It's shot in all black and white, but it speaks to Ozzy's personality pretty well. Set it to Ozzy's ukulele and kazoo playing, mix in some solid lefts on an old Lightning Bolt, and you've got yourself a fun little section.

Patrick Giles: Longboarding, sushi, art. Someone please give me back the three minutes of my life that got wasted while watching this.

Mimi LaMontagne, Intern

Ozzy Wrong: Definitely made me the most stoked. Video is all about having fun, and what else is surfing about? Song works really well with the feel and the whole approach the video has to surfing. Entertaining edit… dig the black and white.

John John Florence: Sick song choice, pumps you up. John John absolutely rips. So progressive—mental airs and insane tubes. I like the skating mixed in, he obviously shreds on any kind of board. Definitely makes you wanna go big.

Brendon Gibbens: He flows with the music really well. Super different edit, but I'm kind of obsessed with it in a way. The cliff section is phenomenal. Never seen anything like it. Has an insanely unique feel to it.

Blake Kueny, Video Intern

John John Florence: Has a variety of waves, has sick turns, rad song, and cuts off a boogie boarder. Edit doesn't really matter because the footage is so good. It was really cool how they incorporated skating and it seemed to fit pretty seamlessly.

Patrick Gudauskas: Really rad establishing shots, but I'm scared that walking on the street is the answer to walking through the forest. I think that this video really expresses how Pat surfs and if he pulls that rodeo christ air thing that would be nuts. And again his part is very diverse, he surfs Mavs and has more than one combo.

Dillion Perillo: Massive Airs, nuts laybacks, and he gets barrelled. That wave is pretty nuts 3/4 of the way through.