Innersection Round Two Standouts

The second round of four submission cycles for Taylor Steele’s Innersection has arrived. There’s some hits, some misses, and some mind-blowing flips being thrown. Get yourself into the voting for who makes this cut at Here’s some of our favorites from Round 2 along with feedback from the critics, a.k.a. the public. Click on the surfer’s name to check out their section.


Peter Devries (Current Rating: 7.3)


I keep watching this over and over. Wish I could vote again. There should be an insurrection if it doesn’t win. Posted by Chris Rauscher

Very Well Done! The cinematography is beautiful and Peter Kills it, I really like the moves. The song by The Frail fits well too! 10/10 Posted by Tim Sams

Great video. Perfect? Posted by Blanca Tintorer

yeahh this video is awesome!! Posted by George Kitstis

Matt Meola (Current Rating: 6.5)


Some mega tech airs in there and some solid surfing. Agree that the influx of rail surfing and bigger waves would have made this segment more versatile. Best airs out of any of this round’s vids. Posted by Dave Prodan

Theres no doubt that he rips but I would like to see bigger surf and more carves as well. Not a big fan of multiple airs on one wave. Can’t wait to see more from this guy. Posted by Jimbo Glass

yeah matt…what do you call half of that stuff? ripping. Posted by Cheyne Magnusson

that air last year in the Volcom NP proam was no fluke. kid is really legit. Such a sick job. lets get some turns and right and this is a ender contender! Posted by matt keenan

Flynn Novak (Current Rating: 6.0)


I say goddamm! top 3 for sure! And good call on the Ladyhawke tunes! pipe master gettin drainers! Posted by Calvin Knowlton

Those flips are crazy! And I’ve never seen anyone do one before. I’m impressed. Posted by Zander Morton

Flynn this is bonkers!!! Those pipe caverns are mental! Posted by Stanton Harbaugh

how are those back flips. Fucking legit. sick barrels. darkhorse, top 5 from what ive seen. could have a better edit. Posted by Nate Yeomans

Cory Lopez (current rating 6.1)


talents ever,,period,,he is still flowing,flying and in command,,respect,,,oh,,and the surfing was well shot–i give this part 7.2 Posted by thomas campbell

good flow.big airs, ripping Would like to see some crazy barrels. Be interesting to see how the politics work and if cory will make a T.S. movie finally? Posted by Nate Yeomans

man this is a sick part. the song is sick and i love how he disappears a couple times. no doubt he has the style and moves to have a part in steeles movie. Posted by Noah Orian

corys style hasnt changed in years….it seems that in every movie i watch with him in….its just the same old boring stuff Posted by laurie towner

Conner Coffin (current rating: 5.9)


Song works. Need to get rid of some of the standard turns and show more of a variety of moves. Needs to give more of a feel who Conner is. 6.3 Posted by matt wybenga

clean lines. nice variety of tricks and carves. song was a bit monotone. nice work Posted by seth Stafford

more repertoire than most, good on yaaaasss Posted by Julian Wilson

Its like Dane, Yadin, and Tom Curren had a 3 way and Connor Coffin miraculously appeared. Well f**king done. Posted by LALA AMG