Insight Art Tour Kicks Off In Sydney

One of our favorite brands, Insight Clothing is putting on The Upstairs Surf Art Tour at the Our Spot Gallery in Sydney, starting Thursday, November 25. The tour has already passed through Biarritz, Berlin, and San Diego, and the Sydney version promises to be drunken and a bloody good time, seeing as how Insight is headquartered in Sydney.

The show is great, with a wide variety of styles and influences for such artists as Campbell Milligan, Dashenka Prochaka, Lee Ralph, Ozzie Wright, Zoe Senack, and others. Thursday Nov. 25 is the opening, and everyone’s invited (see invite on the right). The show will stay there until December 3, so if you can’t make it next Thurs, you can catch it before some afternoon beers with friends on the weekend. After Sydney, the Upstairs Surf Art Tour will be pulling up stake and heading abroad, with appearance in New Zealand, Holland, Italy, Spain, and Portugal scheduled in the new year.