Insight is proud to announce the appointment of Jesse Faen as their USA CEO.

Jesse comes to Insight with an expansive background in the surf industry andmedia relations (seven years as ASP’s International Media Manager, and pasteditor of Surfing (USA) and Waves (Australia) magazines) and will head upthe sales, marketing and operational programs for Insight in the USA.

After showings at ASR in September 04 and January 05, Insight received aphenomenal response from the US apparel industry, prompting the brand to setup a fully operational US headquarters.

Jesse will be supported by the team from Insight Australia (the brand’sglobal HQ) which includes leaders in the fields of design, production,sales, marketing and finance.

Insight USA will be setting up its office (sales and marketing showrooms) inVenice Beach, California from June 2005 onwards.For further information go to