Insight Launches New Global Campaign: ‘Repeat After Me I Am Free’

November 13th, 2009: Amidst the fog of global calamity Insight escaped (again), abandoned their apartments and quit the city… One barely legal 1972 Double Decker school bus liberally retro-fitted with color and carelessly customized for comfort. One driver seat occupied by a barefooted local carpenter (with a fresh license in one hand, and a fresh lime in the other) and of course one full load of 26 restless intrepid travelers.

Helmed by Insights patriarch team of Artists and muses the East Coast hugging road-trip to the land where the sun shines was another chapter that carelessly blurred the lines between myth and reality, art and logic. The formula speaks for itself. Another journey, another Insight vessel to chaos and hedonistic bliss, all caught on tape in our first “fly on the beast documentary” and now being publicly broadcasted to the world.

This was the ‘Now trip’ where we discovered our land legs and emerged from the sea to bring you an introspective and existential journey of epic proportions: "Repeat After Me: I am Free." Watch “REPAET AFTER ME; I AM FREE” now .

Campaign Features Surf: Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Jason Apparicio, Rangi Ormond and Shane Herring Skate: Daniel Shimizu, Tyler Mumma, Sam Partaix, Brian Brown, Paul Shier, Nick Boserio, Rhys Grogan, Bernie Foo and proudly presenting Jamie Thomas