Insight looks toward Summer 2012

It may be a bit premature to already start thinking of next summer when winter has just begun to kick in, but who cares. We know you guys like to see girls in bikini’s any ol’ time and Ladies; they didn’t leave you out either.

Besides there’s always the hot tub after a long day up on the hill and most of you will need some suits for that, most of you.

Here are three vids from Insight showing off their Men’s and Women’s Summer line 2012 of apparel and suits; which true to form, is fun, funky, poppin with color and with just a little bit of attitude.
(or alot)

To get some of your own hot tub gear from Insight, Click Here.


Some eye candy for the boys but made for girls:

Some eye candy for the girls but made for boys:

And a lil’ mish mosh of it all: