Insight Presents “300 Seconds” Wrap Up, Write Up

Insight 300 Seconds is an international short film competition aimed at finding the next generation of filmmakers from around the world. In its second year, Insight officially launched its 2005 showcase in the underbelly of its home city of Sydney where a swarm of 1,200 guests beheld the premier screening of this years top 10 films.

From domestic digital delusions to retrofitted obscurities, Insight announced the winning films nominated by a list of international judges. Insight celebrated the following triumphant filmmaker’s success in a truly royal manner by awarding them over a total of $20,000 cash.

Australian filmmaker Nicolas Randall took first place honors being awarded $10,000 in cash for the movie “All He Needs. Check out the official website

Walking away with $5,000 in cash and second place was “This is my Heart by Floridian filmmaker Dustin Miller.

3rd Place and $2,500 in cash was awarded to Ryan Waters from Adelaide, Australia for his film “2005.

Our guests on the night yelled and screamed the hardest for L.A. filmmaker Adam Montoya’s movie “Goose Dance Party and hence was awarded with the Audience Choice prize of $2,500 in cash.

To view all four winning films, check them out at


3,600 bottles of Tiger beer, Over 1,000 guests, 50 Lounge suites, 10 short films all within 1 room.

Within the first two hours of the inaugural Insight 300 Seconds party, we were issued with our first warning that our guest’s behavior was land sliding into what was described as “lewd and “ungodly. However from where we were standing it all seemed first-class; media darlings were tripping up on piles of videotapes and then cursing everyone for not picking them up off the popcorn laden floor, all while Modular Records latest signing Van. She blessed our transparent souls with a set of electropoptastic wowness! But as midnight dawned on us, the Insight army wove a white flag in the face of venue management and flung our squalid rucksacks over our backs to take our hurricane to warmer pastures…………. the mutthaf*ckin’ Goldie! wooohoooooooo!!!!!!!!!


One week has passed and we had migrated to Surfers Paradise and set up our temporary squatter in a bohemian car park that named itself Swingin’ Safari. Come twilight we had pieced together our very own outdoor cinema – admittedly not without the help of our latest auxiliary a 7′ 2 technician operating under the name “Digitor the blue tooth villain (Digitor we salute you!) We rolled film for our bronzed, beautiful friends and of course there was Tiger beer and a sea of lounge suites for all. Post screening, the band ‘Kiu’ shone like the sun on our newly peroxided hair, these guys were like walking into a magic mushroom induced fairy tale. We all were compelled to pay homage to Mother Nature through earth dancing and drunken spirit fingers (these guys seriously made The John Butler Trio seem like corporate pigs!) Kiu alternated sets with our Sydney DJ “Amy who was kind enough to let our Art Director drop a “couple of tracks – he successfully killed the vibe before the end of his first track and was relegated back to the dance floor before the crowd could hurt his feelings even more. No one can really remember much more except that Jamie B put his head thru a window in the lounge, nice ……………. next destination; Melbourne!

P.S. Hey Digitor- Jay sincerely apologizes for stealing your ‘evening’ hat.


After two screenings which involved lugging around over 50 second-hand lounge suites for our guests, we were lucky enough to have booked the unique and substantially furnished ‘Revolver Upstairs’ as the temporary bungalow for Insight 300 Seconds in Melbourne. As the sun went down in the beautiful, yet bipolar weather ridden city of Melbourne, the people arrived and like a Japanese train station, we had to start to use wooded sticks twedge everyone in to the space. Guest M.C. Mr. Jonny Gold Coast from Vice Magazine introduced the top ten films to our curious guests as fine Japanese Cuisine was served and of course the drinks were on Insight once again and cheers to Tiger for supplying the Beer. Post movie entertainment arrived in the form of a sonic annihilation from Wolf & Cub in the depths the back room of the venue. Sophistication went AWOL as all inhibitions retired, and sleaze reared its ugly head…………….again! Much of it captured on the Insight Polaroid Camera.

As the last member of the Insight family left at 3:00am apparently the party was still charging forward – fuelled by who knows what?…………..but thankyou Melbourne, thank you!


Across the ditch to the land of the (really) long white cloud; New Zealand for yet another booze fuelled evening of movies and… well… Booze. Local celebrities blessed us with their presences and we were lucky enough to view a film made by South Pacific Pictures taking the piss out of our event. Being the good sports that we are, we took it with a grain of salt and laughed along with the crowd like jolly fat men.

The boys at Substance (Insight’s NZ Distributors) put on a great party and supplied generous gifts to all the winning New Zealand filmmakers. Crowd favorite was a movie featuring a naked girl on a skateboard dancing around in bubbles, enough said really. The director, producer and coincidently star of the film was unfortunately out of town and her father (can you believe) accepted her prize; thank you Dadso!

Also a massive cheeeeers to the f#*kers who stole our banners at the end of the night. Nice one guys, I am sure they will look greeeeat in your living room.

Quick pack up and off we went (banner-less) to…… California!!!


First of all, 21 years old to get into a bar is LAME! That has got to be the oldest drinking age in the world. You can go to war, drive a car, buy porn, but can’t have a beer with your buddies?! We realized this when two of the film makers who made it into the top ten drove down from LA (3 hours) to view the screening of their movies only to be rejected at the door because they were 20 years old. Sorry to Ryan Reichenfeld (Emancipation) and Adam Montoya (Goose Dance Party) who couldn’t come into the party, the crowd loved your movies and next year you can party with the rest of us!

That aside, Insight 300 Seconds in California (to blow our own trumpet) was another raging success! The crowd were supplied free drinks all night (TOOT! another trumpet blow)) and treated to the top 10 films and sultry tunes from White Buffalo and Sydney’s very own; The Beautiful Girls! (TOOT! TOOT!)

P.S. What is up with people taking ‘souvenirs’ of the night? The next day we were a couple of light boxes down, so to whoever stole those; I hope you have many happy neon nights together.

5 down, 1 to go, London town here we come!


London, London, London; the home of Big Ben, Double Decker buses and ‘party’ queen Kate Moss is where we held the 6th and final event for Insight 300 Seconds 2005.

And what better place to wrap up the proceedings than the Vice Magazine pub, nestled in the heart of London. Guests relaxed into the comfortable conches and experienced a mellow night ‘in at the movies.’ As the free drinks flowed, true Insight rascal-ness came to a crescendo as the décor was covered from head to toe in stickers and by the end of the night, so were half the guests. That was it for 2005 and what a journey it has been: Great movies, great peoples and great times!

…And in the words of ‘some body famous’ “that’s a wrap

That brings us to the end of Insight 300 Seconds 2005. Next year’s festival is set to become bigger and badder than ever, so polish up your film making skills and check out this year’s winning entries at for your tips on what it takes to get your hands on $10,000 in ca$$$$H…………….. Grrrrrrrrr!………. Grrrrrrrrr!