Insight Proudly Presents Mr. Christian Fletcher

“I wanna go off, I wanna fly the biggest airs I can. I wanna find my limits,cause I have never found any.” -CF

Following the excitement and interest instigated by Christian’s recentwhirlwind trip to Australia, Christian Fletcher and Insight have joinedforces:

Fletcher, who was recently named one of Surfer Magazine’s top 16 mostinfluential surfers of all time, unquestionably represents the ethos of thetraditional underground surfing/skating lifestyle.

Californian based Fletcher, whom revolutionized the once conservativesurfing movement back in the late 1980s by amalgamating skating maneuvers tosurfing, and in turn adopting a modern approach to the mainstream culture.

Initially being shunned by contest directors and professional surfers forbeing part of a unique echelon of the surfing community, he was ostracizedby the surfing media. Despite Fletcher’s long list of set backs, heinfamously influenced the direction of the entire surfing lifestyle and haslater become one of aerial surfing’s legendary greats.

This rebel at heart continues his path of flight and aggressive aerialattack, inspiring surfers across the globe to be innovative and creative inadvancing their technique.

Combining Christian’s vision, his unconventional antics and the Insightbrand philosophy, together we will continue to push the boundaries beyondexpectations.

Surf, State and Create.