Insight’s 2008 Campaign:’Good Morning Pluto’

Today ::Insight officially launches its newest global campaign ‘Good Morning Pluto’. Read on to discover more about the making of this campaign and check out our new look website where you’ll find newly added team bios and photos, latest clothing as well as ‘Good Morning Pluto’ posters and surf and skate trailers.

Surf Campaign
//Featuring Kai Otton, Luke Stedman, Warren Smith, Jared Mell, Made Lana & Malia Jones//
With the help of his brother George, ::Insight’s marketing creative director Steve Gorrow packed up and shipped out to Bali to “make a ghetto submarine and take it on a magical surfing safari”. Together the two brothers embarked on and conquered the massive feat of building on land and beneath the sea. No easy task – water and sand are a bitch to deal with, they always complain, storm off into the horizon muttering something about “this wasn’t in my contract”. But Steve’s savvy, and pulled in the help of Aquaman; a bonafide ‘wave whisperer’, a man with gills who spent his days hanging on the ocean floor helping put Steve’s vision into place (and loosing a fin or two in the process). The results are a wave of wondrous new images (thanks to Dustin Humphrey) of what the ::Insight surfers uncovered when the graffiti trashed submarine launched – ocean dinner parties, terror spikes, alientoon eggs, Malia Jones in a bikini traveling on a giant lobster and a crazy bunny in an underwater cinema.Welcome to ::Insight’s newest surf campaign!  

Skate Campaign
//Featuring Daniel Shimizu, Jose Rojo, Brian Brown, Ben Barretto, JJ Rousseau, Tyler Mumma & Nick Boserio//
Topping the last campaign was never going to be easy but ::Insight art director, Fraser Anderson, together with his team took the Skate campaign to a whole new level.The focus was to take skating way out of the usual context; to build from scratch a skateable terrain in an otherwise surreal environment.  The spot was found, a coastal ranch in California, an isolated retreat complete with its own mad scientist. The boys rolled in and in 2 days they built a two-storey house structure, a kind of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on crack creation.
Each room was themed for an individual team rider and the boys were all involved in the process of making it their own – however these levels of rider involvement seemed to fluctuate depending on the amount of beer consumed the night before.Four more days passed and the rooms were complete. Initial ideas rolled with the creativity of the day, rooms changed from bathrooms to recording studios as the personalities of each skater dictated. The result is a fun house with a cinematic vibe. Each room, a unique shot in itself, is framed by the raw beauty of a completely unrecognizable space.
Shot by regular contributing photographer, John Bradford, and introducing Mike Piscitelli on videography. Cue the drum roll !!!!  

Women’s Campaign
//Featuring LA model Ceara McAuliffe and photographer Mike Piscitelli//Taking advantage of the same beautiful stretch of Californian coastline, complete with its magical daylight and moody sunsets, we shot the women’s Good Morning Pluto campaign. Art directed by resident artist Jay Quirk along with the assistance of skater come artist Ben Barretto, the shoot continued the Insight art instillation tradition including giant colour blocks, silver brick walls, space foil, green haired alien-men and intergalactic time machines.
Mike Piscitelli, creative director of LA label Fucking Awesome and man of many talents packed his camera and hiked his way across the ranch to shoot the campaign for us. What he managed to capture was a stunning collective of imagery that juxtaposed Insight’s newest women’s collection with out of this world scenic backdrops.  

Visit to see the full poster series and watch the ‘making of’ surf and skate movies.