Insight Signs Jared Mell

Let me introduce Jared Mell.

He’s not your average surfer dude, and this isn’t your average story.

Alex Knost called a couple of months back to say he had the perfectcandidate for :: Insight to sponsor. At the time Jared was sleeping on hiscouch in Newport. Just 18 years old, but born with cat-like paws forprowling a longboard effortlessly, or anything for that matter. Equallyimportant, the kid has style to boot.
We signed him up, and a month later he was Bali-bound for his firstinternational trip.
First the airlines screwed him for carrying logs, and then he scored somesketchy disease upon arrival. Halfway through a 12-day trip, young Jared wasyet to slide across any dreamlike waves. Instead, he had a swollen tonguethat resembled some pus-filled sponge, and could hardly eat or do a thing.
Finally he improved, and first surf with Australian photographer JustinCrawford, nails an amazing session. :: Insight gets the goods for theirupcoming propaganda campaign, but more news worthy, Jared claims his firsteditorial coverage – the cover of Australian Longboarding – with theattached four shots.
When told, Jared laughed and offered his take on the whole Bali experience,”I got sick, I got better, and then I brought an 18-pack of Bintang backhome in my suitcase.”
Sick little dude, we love it.
Jesse Faen