Interview-Aaron Cormican – 4.9

Interview-Aaron Cormican

It’s really hard to do an interview and make it interesting without pissing off the interviewee. You can either “slurp,” as Aaron Cormican says, and ask things like, “How do you rip so hard?” or “Why are your sponsors the best sponsors in the world?” Or you can bite the bullet and ask what needs to be asked. Chances are they’ll think you’re a kook, but sometimes the questions have to be put out there.

Every surfer has an image and Cormican’s is what it is-outspoken. This is why we chose him-he speaks his mind and he’s not afraid to call it like he sees it. He just needs the questions to do it. -AC

It’s really hard to get photos of you because you stay in New Smyrna so much. Why do you stay home? Aren’t you comfortable anywhere else?
F-k, I’ve been out here Southern California for six months, what are you talking about?

Then how come it’s so hard to get photos of you?
I don’t know. I shoot all the time. Maybe you guys just don’t like my shots or something. Maybe I’m not shooting with the right photo guy either.

What is your goal in terms of your career?
I don’t really have one. Just to surf and have fun pretty much-not be a slurper.

Some of your ads depict you as a stoner.
A stoner.

It shows you with the clouds and everything.
That’s a harsh word.

I know, but you know what I’m saying.
No, it shows the fact I’m not scared to show I get high-that’s not being a stoner. It’s just showing there’s nothing wrong with it. It’s not the fact I’m a stoner. It’s just the fact I don’t give a f-k, so I get high-that’s all there is to it. Not that I’m a stoner. A stoner is someone like, if you watch Fast Times At Ridgemont High, it’s Jeff Spicoli. They ask him if his name’s Jeff Spicoli, and he’s like imitates his accent, “That’s the name they gave me”-that’s a stoner in my terms. I just smoke pot and get high in my leisure time.

Has it caused you any problems?
Never. Ever.

Are you working on any new maneuvers right now?
Kinda, just whatever. If I’m out freesurfing, and I try something or something happens on accident, and then I kinda think maybe I can put something together-I’ll try it. I don’t sit around with a notebook and shit trying to draw shit up.

Do you think kickflips are possible?
Whatever, if people want to do kickflips that’s cool, but I think they’re f-king gay.

Why’s that?
I’m not into that kickflip shit-that’s skateboarding style. I like doing airs that are solid looking and technical to a point like grabbing rail, huge, different grabs, 360s, and shit like that-big shit. I don’t know, kickflips don’t seem too functionable as a surf maneuver.

Do you skate?
I’ll skate sometimes-I’m not against it at all. I used to skate a bunch when I was littler, but I just got hurt a couple times, so I was just kind of not skating too much.

Do you consider yourself a traditionalist as far as doing turns and putting a lot of emphasis on them?
I like to surf-whatever happens, happens. That’s just how I surf. If it’s calling for me to hit the lip, then I’ll hit the lip. If I need to do a cutback, then I’ll do a cutback. If I need to get barreled, I’ll get barreled-I like to have variety, not just one. Like Taj Burrow or Andy Irons or someone who has all kinds of stuff in their repertoire and not just one thing.

What about strictly air guys like Ozzie Wright?
I like Ozzie. He’s a cool guy, and he does gnarly airs.

What do you mean laughs?
There’s a lot of strictly air guys out there that try to boost as many airs as they can and that’s it.

It gets old if they start doing the same shit, like one or two airs where they’re getting the same shot. I’ve seen guys getting the same two-foot air, the same grab-you get over it. Guys like Ozzie are different. Like him and Joe Crimo and Justin Mattison-they change it up and shit. I don’t have anything against those gguys. I like to watch those guys and surf with them just ’cause I like to do airs too-it kind of helps me out in a way.

What pisses you off most about surfing in general?
The industry and guys who slurp the industry. Guys who don’t surf that well, and they’re out there with all these stickers on their boards getting shots, covers, and sponsors. And there’re plenty of guys that sit around and surf contests or whatever. Maybe they’re not the full ‘QS guy, but they fully rip on these guys, and they’re not getting anything. I’m over those guys who slurp off the industry guys just to get sponsored so they look cool.

If you could change anything about the sport, about the way the system is, what would it be?
I don’t know, it’s seeming to go pretty good right now. There’s the ‘CT, which everyone’s stoked on, the ‘QS, and then the Air shows. There’s plenty of coverage of everyone surfing and shit-it’s just the guys, like I said, slurping up to the guys that don’t surf. The guys who don’t deserve it are getting it, and I’m just over that shit. It’s like if my dad was some guy that did something back in the day, like surf Salt Creek first or something. F-kin’, works at Rip Curl, Body Glove, who knows, owned a surf shop a couple years ago. All of a sudden I’m getting a cover shot just because my dad owned some surf shop f-kin’ twenty years ago. Not for the fact that I surf good, just for the fact I went out with some bright-ass, stupid board and pulled into a closeout, and my dad’s so and so-I’m over that kind of shit. That’s what I’d change. I’d put guys in the mags who deserve it. Guys in contests who deserve it.When you see airs in the mag, do you call them out as flyaways, and do you want to see complete sequences?

I’m just into good-looking photos. If it’s a good-looking photo, I like it. Sometimes, there’re just full flyaways that don’t need to be ran. Or airs that aren’t airs, they call them airs but should maybe an off-the-lip with an extension. I like airshots-don’t get me wrong ’cause a lot of my shots are air shots. I like to see turns too. Everyone thinks I’m this f-king air guy-I’m not. I’m just some guy surfing that happens to do a couple airs-whatever, f-k. Got lucky and pulled one flip, f-kin’, that someone got the photo of-I don’t know.

How many have you pulled since?
Do you pull them regularly?

Not regularly, but I’ve pulled a few. I don’t keep track on my f-kin’ hand. I’m not worried about it. I don’t really try it all the time either. Like I was saying, I just go out and surf, and if it happens it happens. I just like to try to work on my style right now.