Interview Feature-Adam Wickwire – 4.9

Interview Feature-Adam Wickwire

Adam Wickwire is free. His surfing ability allows for this freedom. He’s a fourteen-year-old doing massive airs and pulling into barrels. His sponsors offer him the opportunity to travel the world searching for waves. His parents allow him to do homeschool. He surfs when its good, goes on trips when they come up, and does school work when he can. He gets it all done. His travel has allowed him to grow in ways most teenagers don’t the opportunity to. Some wouldn’t be ready for this kind of growth.

Yes, he has a great degree of freedom, but Adam is still a fourteen-year-old boy fishing in the canals of the Sunshine State. With all this freedom comes expectations. He draws the attention to himself through his surfing. Before I did this interview, a purist friend of mine mentioned that he witnessed young Adam doing full grab rail turns at Lowers. He was confused because so many photos he had seen of Adam were airs. Adam is becoming a complete surfer. Talent brings notice, and notoriety begets expectation, but Adam looks to be ready. Ready for what, you may ask. To be honest I really don’t know. He may be an epic free surfer or ASP World Champion, but at least we know he’ll be able to feed himself, be it through surfing or from the fish that frequent the canals of his Florida home.

Adam: Hello?
TWS: Hey Adam, this is Tim Dowell from TransWorld SURF.
Hey, what’s going on man.We’re doing an interview issue, and we’d like to interview you. Do you have a little bit of time?
Yeah.I called your house the other night, and you weren’t home.Oh, really?
You were out fishing?
Yeah, probably.How’s the fishin’ been?
It’s been alright. It’s pretty good right now. I’m gonna go this evening.Where do you go?
Out in the river, in the canals.Do you have a boat?
Yeah. I just went fishing off land though. I’m going to go out on the boat tonight-a little canoe.What have you been catching?
Just trout, maybe some redfish, and some snook. That’s pretty much all we catch in the canals here.Your dad said that you have school today.Yeah, that’s what I’m doing right now.Homeschool?
Yep.Do you like it?
It’s fun.How exactly does it work?
I have a certain amount of time to do everyday. I do a half-hour of math, a half-hour of science, and a half-hour of all the other stuff. I just have to do four hours a day.Do you do that year-round?
I know.But then you don’t have to do it when you’re on trips.Yeah, that’s why I’m doing it in the summer, so when I travel, I don’t have to do it. Pretty much catching up.You travel all the time, huh?
Yeah.Where have you been lately?
I just got back from Indonesia.How was that?
It was so good. We got some good, good waves.I talked to Ryan Kimmel about it. He said you were pumping backside barrels, no hands, all kinds of stuff. He’s like, “Just like the Hobgoods.” How do you feel about the Hobgood comparisions?
I don’t know. It’s hard to say. I don’t think I surf anything like them, but some people say different. Just being from the East Coast, you’re going to get the Hobgood and Kelly comparisons. How do you feel about the Kelly comparisons?
I’d like to be him, that’s for sure.Do you feel that the expectations for you are kind of high sometimes?
Yeah. People kind of overdo it, sometimes. You run into them, you surf with the same people. You’re not going to feel what they feel. People start getting all bummed and stuff. Do you feel like you have to go out every second and just kill it?
Yeah. I like to.Do you ever go on the Internet?
Every day.I looked up Adam Wickwire on, and they had an interview from when you were eleven. How old are you now?
I’m fourteen.In the interview, it said you wanted to be a lawyer. Are you still thinking about doing that?
Did it really say that?
Yeah, it was on the Rusty site.A lawyer?
Yeah, a lawyer.I don’t remembeer saying that, but I could’ve. That was too many years ago. I hope I didn’t say that. Are you looking toward hopefully doing the ‘QS and the ‘CT?
Yeah, I’m going to try to do that or freesurf a whole bunch. It would be fun.Since you’ve traveled a lot, do you feel like you’ve grown up a lot quicker?
Maybe sometimes you saw stuff you didn’t want to see?
Yeah, it kind of makes me think I’m growing up quicker, but once I get home everyone puts me in place. Mom laughs in the backgroundI called you at your house the other night and got your answering machine. It said your mom’s a beauty consultant. Does she ever give you facials or anything like that?
Me! No way!Why not, that’s sweet.
Yeah right. Naw, she just does her makeup-business type of thing. I don’t use any of it.I heard a lot of stories about you from the North Shore this last winter. Why don’t you tell us a little story about the best wave you caught during the winter?
Probably a little five footer at Pipe. For me, it’s hard to get waves out there. I surf out there for about three days before I can even catch a solid wave. I just got really, really lucky. I guess a guy was going, he backed off at the last thing, and I took off on this pretty good wave. That was probably my best wave, until my trip to Indo. I had so many good waves there. Ever wave I’d ever caught was just kind of a joke. I want to go back so bad right now.Are you going back any time soon?
I hope so. I want to. I don’t know if I can, but if I can, I want to. Are you going back to Hawai’i this year?
Probably for about two weeks.Why do you think that Hawai’i is still so important?
Do you think it’s lost some of its luster to places like Indo and Tahiti?
Back then it was probably the best surf spot in the world but not anymore. I don’t think so. You don’t see a lot of Hawai’i in videos anymore, you know. You just see Indo and Tahiti and all the other good surf spots-Australia. Hawai’i’s good, it’s just really crowded.There’re so many people out there, it’s hard to get waves. There’s always fights going on and stuff. Do you ever get nervous about that?
No.You just try to stay away from it?
Yeah. Just go surf down at the beachbreaks.You’re at that age where a growth spurt is probably about to come on-do you feel one coming?
I don’t know. I can’t tell. I hope so. I’m probably starting to grow a little bit.Sometimes growth spurts can be a blessing, sometimes they can be a curse. Are you kinda nervous about that?
That’s what I was kinda thinking. I really haven’t been finding the right board lately and all sorts of stuff. I guess I’m just riding a little bit too small of boards. That’s why I just ordered a bunch of bigger boards, so we’ll see how those will work. I’ve heard a bunch of stories about people-when they start growing, it affects their surfing, but…What size boards did you order?
My shortboard is 5’4”.Anything else that you’d like to say?
Naw.Thanks a lot Adam.Bye.