Interview Of The Week: Brian Pacheco

Coming from the same power-based, regular-foot school of surfing as Dane Kealoha and Sunny Garcia, Brian Pacheco has consistently proved himself as one of the best surfers to ever come out of O’ahu. Whether it’s taking down the worlds best at Pipe, or ruling the tough and shallow Westside of O’ahu, Pacheco never lets up, and his polished and casual style just oozes Hawai’ian pride and power.

TransWorld SURF recently caught up with Pacheco (on his 29th birthday no-less) and got his thoughts on this North Shore season, the Monster Energy Pro (which he came close to winning–taking second to Pancho Sullivan), and what he’s looking forward to in the future.

Brian Pacheco
Age: 29
Hometown: Makaha, O’ahu
Sponsors: Billabong, Town and Country Surfboards, Globe Shoes, Von Zipper

TransWorld Surf: What’s up Brian? What are you doing?

Brian Pacheco: Just cruising back to the Westside.

Well, first things first, how old are you nowadays?

I just turned twenty-nine today–I’m getting old.

No way! Happy birthday!

Right on, thanks. I almost forgot about it.

Are you gonna go big tonight or what?

Nah. I’m just gonna kick back with my girlfriend, maybe barbecue, get some waves.

Maybe you are getting old.


Congratulations on your recent second place at the Monster Energy Pro at Pipe.

Yeah, thanks a lot.

You surfed against Curren in the semis, right?

Yeah, I surfed against him in the semis and the quarters, or the round before that.

Like myself, I’m sure you grew up idolizing him. What was that like surfing against him?

It was the first time I had ever surfed against him, it was pretty fun. He’s super competitive.

Even at 40?

Yeah, he was paddle battling me and everything. He was everywhere.

How were the waves for that? It looked a little junky, but you managed to get some good ones, huh?

It wasn’t the best Pipe, but you could sit in the right spot and pick off the little nuggets in between. Not really the sets, and not the small ones, the nuggets between Aint’s and Backdoor were the ones.

What size of board did you ride that last day?

I rode a 6’10. That board was brand new and felt just right so I saved it for that day, and it worked.

Do you usually use glass-on fins for your Pipe boards?

Yeah, all glass-ons.

Did you buy a house recently?

My girlfriend did.

Where is it?

It’s right at Makaha Point, I can throw a rock into the lineup from my backyard.

What do you think about this season as far as the North Shore is concerned?

It was pretty sick, it was a really good one. Hopefully it’s not over yet.

What are your plans for the next couple months?

I’m going to Newcastle (Australia) on the 31st of this month, Trestles, the Tahiti event, and I don’t know what’s after that. I know I’ll be on the road most of the summer.

You took down some pretty gnarly guys in the Tahiti trials last year, huh?

Yeah, I was pretty psyched.

What about that one barney from TransWorld?


You’ll be lucky if you get me in your heat this year, it’s pretty much a gimme.

(Laughs) All right man. I’ll be training.

Right on Pacheco, happy birthday, and take it easy.

Thanks, have a good one!