IPATH Announces First-Ever Surf Team

March 31, 2008: – IPATH would like to announce the formation of their first ever surf team. The original IPATH surf crew is a solid group of up-and-coming talents on the verge of making an impact in the surf world. IPATH has been original since day one and all of the surf athletes represent this very well,’ stated Dave Smith, IPATH’s team manager.

The surfers join an extensive IPATH skate team with such notables as Bob Burnquist, Fred Gall and Kenny Reed, in addition to new guns Adam Alfaro and Richie Jackson. The first crew of surfers to join IPATH includes Nick Jiampa, Pat Millin, Ben McBrien, Rob Wurlitzer and Will Skudin.

Team Background
San Diego-based Nick Jiampa is a powerful, trick-savvy surfer who holds the dual role of team rider and journalist. Nick now is writing for Transworld SURF and traveling on many of SURF‘s editorial trips as an athlete and writer. Nick also rides for Zoo York, Pacific Drive and Anon.

Pat Millin is a pro surfer from Solana Beach CA with roots in Kauai, HI. A sponsored skateboarder in his teens, Pat switched his focus to surfing after a fractured foot took him out of the game. In addition to IPATH, Pat is supported by Sharp Eye, UNIV, Zoo York and Robust  Flavor.

New Jersey-bred and Philadelphia-based Ben McBrien chows down on hoagies and East Coast barrels. Ben also rides for WRV, UNIV, Zoo York, and Robust Flavor. Rob Wurlitzer, local talent from Kaneohe, Oahu, HI, can be seen tearing up the Eastside breaks nearly every day. When he’s not in the ocean, he can usually be found making beats or performing and producing hip hop. He keeps it real with UNIV, Zoo York and HIC.

Will Skudin is originally from New York and now lives in Cape Hatteras, NC. Will is a dedicated big-wave surfer and has been a contender in the XXL Awards. In addition to IPATH, Will is supported by Zoo York, WRV and UNIV.