Iron Pumping Results From Volcom’s Muscle Beach

Last year for their legendary VQS Championships, hippy madness descended on the preppy world of Newport Beach. This year, instead of tie dies and drum circles, Newps was awash in a testosterone fueled, iron-pumping frenzy. Instead of ‘free love,’ the hot topic on the beach this year was, ‘how much you bench?’

Held May 9-11 at 54th Street, Muscle Beach saw a climactic season ender to the ultra competitive VQS series. From the Keg Tossers (Juniors) to the Roid Ragers (Pro-Am) to the Jock Straps (Groms), there was plenty of fierce flexing in and out of the water. Not to mention, a ton of activities and giveaways on the sand. The total contest prize purse consisted of a whopping $100,000, not to mention with the winner of the Pro-Am receiving not only $15,000 cash but also a new Monster Energy Kawasaki Seadoo.   

So grab a nice frothy protein shake and try not to get a hernia and be sure to peep our heavy behind the scenes photo tour.

Final Results of the 2008 VQS Champs

Roid Ragers (Pro-Am)
1. Dustin Cuizon, $15,000
2. Dustin Barca, $7,000
3. Alex Gray, $4,000
4. Bobby Morris, $3,000

Keg Tossers (Juniors)
1. Albee Layer, $10,000
2. Nat Young, $5,000
3. James Woods, $4,000
4. Andrew Doheny, $3,000

Jock Straps (Grom)
1. Shayne Nelson, $8,000
2. Keanu Asing, $5,000
3. Caio Ibelli, $4,000
4. Sidinho Guimmaraes, $3,000

Iron Curlers (Girls)
1. Erica Hosseini, $7,000
2. Sage Erickson, $4,000
3. Kyla Langen, $3,000
4. Kelia Moniz, $2,000

Squat Thrusters (AirShow)
1. Kilian Garland, $7,000
2. Marcelo Trekinho, $3,000
3. Ratboy Collins, $2,000
4. Josh Hoyer, $1,000