Is Barefoot Water-ski Surfing Dead?

With the advent of tow-in surfing, things have become a bit crazier out in the lineup these days. Not only have surfers been able to ride bigger waves than ever before, but they’ve also started to advance in tricks and style as well. Here captured on celluloid, an exploration in barefoot water-skiing shows the world that tow-ins are not just for surfboard riders anymore.Barefoot water-skiing became popular in the late 80s when young water-skier Jack Mehoff was attempting a double-knee bend-twister rocket. In mid-rocket, his skis flew off, landing him straight on his ass. Not one to give up, Jack struggled to his feet only to notice that he had no skis on! He rode barefoot for a few-hundred yards while shocked river rats looked on in awe. Now Jack Mehoff’s feat with his feet has been taken to all new levels at Teahupoo! There’s no telling what could possibly be next.Speaking of next, in the next issue of TransWorld SURF we have some new features to mess you up! A tale of a crazy city, a pro spotlight from across the sea, a trip to end all trips, an amazing wetsuit review, and some bonus material that’ll no doubt grab your hand and place it on the crotch of this great publication. On-sale date: November 13, 2001.