Is Clay Marzo The Worst Snowboarder In The World?

Hell No! Do you remember your first day snowboarding? It totally sucks. It’s cold and icy, there’s all kinds of heavy gear dangling from your limbs, and when you fall it hurts like hell. The first time I went I fell on an ice patch (not ten feet removed from the chair lift) and broke my wrist.

Enter Clay Marzo from Maui. Not one to venture up Haleakala volcano back home and sample some Hawaiian ice, Marzo recently hit the powpow for the first time with Quiksilver’s pro rider Travis Rice. Marzo looked way out of his element at first and I really thought that at any minute he was gonna snap and slide on his ass down the hill and headed home. But instead of getting whisked off to the hospital like myself, Clay manned up, and with some great coaching from Travis Rice, ended up throwing down a couple sweet carves…To answer the question: Clay is far from a ripping snowboarder, but give the kid a couple more sessions in the pow and the next Marzo flick could be “Just Add Snow”.