Isaac Brock of Modest Mouse Interview

Modest Mouse is the best band in the world. If you don’t believe me, just go get this album andyou too will walk out of your front door and scream to your neighbors, “Modest Mouse is the best band inthe world!”

[IMAGE 1] They’ve been around for a while, releasing a bunch of albums on indie labels. Usually a band’smajor-label debut is f-ked up somehow, but this new Modest Mouse album (titled The Moon And Antarctica)is so amazing it drives whoever listens to it to sing and scream along with singer Isaac Brock. You willlove this band. Modest Mouse will love you. Here’re some words with Isaac.

Do you live in Portland, Oregon?
No, I’m in Seattle, Washington right now. I’m staying at the Vagabond Inn. It’s right by theExecutive Inn, but no, I’m staying at the Vagabond Inn. What the hell is a vagabond?

Isn’t that somebody who travels?
I don’t know. I think it’s something your mom would want you to be … or would want you to keepaway from.

We’re super excited about the new album-it’s amazing.
Thanks, man.

What’s the difference between a major-label release and a release on an indie label?
It’s a little more stressful-the majors have fatter wallets for the more time that they’recourting, which isn’t a major difference. They Epic Records definitely harass me a lot more than UpRecords did. They’re not about leaving you alone and letting things happen when they’re supposed to.Everything’s got to happen right f-kin’ now. They’re pains in the ass to an extent, but I guess they haveto be. They set themselves up with these deadlines, or whatever. I mean, they had deadlines before we’deven recorded the album, which is a horrible idea. It seems like you should just wait until the shit isdone, and then start planning on when you’re going to put it out.

On your new album, there’re some new sounds and some different-sounding songs than you’ve done before. Is there anything you guys did differently on this new album?
Yeah, and I don’t want to give away the magician’s tricks here or anything. There’s actually alot of shit we did different on this, which I was more than happy to do. The guy who we worked with,Brian Beck the drummer from Red Red Meat, is creative as f-k. They’re all pretty wacked out; they’rereally into crazy sounds. He was more than happy to f-k with stuff and make loops and flip things around.

He’s a perfect mixture of being creative and also knowing how to do his shit.