Island Water Sports Midnight Madness: October 23


IWS History
In 1978, Kirk Cotrell had a vision for a surf and skate retail store that would not only be retail store but that would play an active role in the lives of its customers.  There were plenty of retails stores- he wanted his shop to be different.  He dreamed of a store that offered a service to both the needs of customers and those who lived in their community.  So he started Island Water Sports on the principle that costumers and community came first.  What started as a 500 square foot shop that suffered nine break-ins in the first year of operation has now become a 7,000 square foot, community serving surf superstore.  Their dedication to the surf culture has made them the best surf shop in town, and the way that they serve in the Deerfield Beach community has given Island Water Sports the reputation as the surf shop with the biggest influence in South Florida.

Midnight Madness Summary, past and present

For over the last 20 years Island Water Sports has been hosting one of Deerfield Beaches biggest events of the year, Midnight Madness.  Midnight Madness is the largest sale of the year, but acts more like a block party and festival than it does an in-store event.  With bands and ramps and some of the best professional skaters and surfers, Island Water Sports draws thousands and engage with them in a way that few retail stores can.  Midnight Madness has been an event where people have come to listen to the best music in town, watch the shaping surfboards, see professional skateboarders form around the world skate our halfpipe and the only place in Deerfiled Beach to have the cheapest clothes in town and the worlds messiest watermelon eating contest- all in the same day.  The event is a family friendly, safe environment for anyone who loves a huge sale and a good time!

Midnight Madness This year

This year, IWS is hosting Midnight Madness on October 23rd.  The store will be open from 8am- Midnight.  Throughout the day customers can come take part in the biggest sale of the year.  As the morning goes on into the afternoon, there will be bands, a skate demo and all sorts of good, clean (and messy) fun.  In addition to having some of the best bands around, we will also be showcasing Island Water Sports ability to connect the costumers it faithfully serves to some of the best professionals in the surf and skate industries.  Starting at 5pm, we turn Midnight Madness in the biggest block party in the state.  From Volcom to Vans, the best of the best will be in attenance showing their appreciation to the good people of Deefield.

You Are Not An Island
This year, Island Water Sports is using Midnight Madness as a away to launch a new social awareness campaing that they are leading.  The campaign is simply called, “You Are Not An Island”- using the stores good name as a reminder that we have to be involved with people of our community.  Partnering with Not Fashionable INC., a Florida based non-profit that works against child starvation, IWS firmly believes that they can play a role in addressing porblems like starvation by simply encouraging tennagers and 20-something-year-olds to “look up and around” at what is happening in the world and in their city.  The vision of IWS owner, Cheyne Cotrell has always been to bring help to people who need a hand, and love to those in the margins.  Midnight Madness is going to be the platform that IWS uses to announce this new campaign that will aim to build farms in Swaziland, Africa.  By engaging the city to come along side and partner with them, IWS has made it the goal of the store to bring to aid to people in need and to provide ways for everyone to get in on providing that help- reminding the city of Deerfield that, for Island Water Sports, people are more important and more valuable than profit.

If you are interested in being a part of Midnight Madness, be it coming for the fun, or covering our event, we would love to have you out.  If you have an questions, or would like to know anything else about this event, fell free to contact the event manager, Ryan Alexander at (954) 427-4929.

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