ispo Moves Its Summer Show To Late June

MUNICH, Germany (October 11, 2002) — The new summer ispo will now take place at the beginning of the spring/summer buying season, Sunday, June 29 to Tuesday, July 1, ispo director Peter Knoll announced today. Last week’s unanimous vote by the ispo Advisory Board, consisting of opinion leaders from all important buying groups, manufacturers and sports retailer associations, represents a dramatic date decision for the entire European sporting goods market.

ispo 03 summer will run for three days from Sunday, June 29 to Tuesday, July 1 at the New Munich Fairgrounds in Munich, Germany. The show will be extended by one hour per day, starting as customary at 9 a.m. and ending at 7 p.m.

Late June/early July dates for 2003 will place summer_ispo at the beginning of the order season and also ahead of European stores’ summer-closing sales-convenient for the complex European industry calendar. Problems for exhibitors resulting from crossover-dates with other shows will now be virtually impossible.

“Early, complete information about lines is the necessary basis for all stores to have a successful season. You need this basis for efficient orders. Our own First View event will be scheduled in accordance with the ispo dates,” said Wolfgang Schnellbuegel, president of Sport 2000, which represents some 840 stores.

Adds Manfred Wutzlhofer, CEO of Messe Munich, “ispo is primarily an information event. That’s our core competence. That’s why ispo needs to be at the start of the season, well ahead of the various regional and national order meetings. At ispo, general sporting goods dealers as well as specialty buyers will be able to get a productive first overview of all innovation and full lines. ispo will lead the charge with this decision-making process of preview/plan/budget/order.”

He went on to explain that the early dates of summer_ispo will also save exhibitors the previous costly and complicated series of individual previews to all key accounts. Now even medium and small owner-operated stores will have the cost-saving opportunity to get early information about trends and full lines.

States INTERSPORT president Klaus Jost, representative of almost 2,000 sporting goods stores in Germany alone, “During the past years the small and medium-size retailer base was at a disadvantage, because only key accounts had the opportunity to preview lines at special presentation dates and in the order centers. The ispo date decision is creating a level playing field again. Communication with the entire industry will be possible at one time and in one place.”

Joachim Schroeder, top buyer for sporting goods giant Karstadt, and Edwin Kroker, central buyer for Kaufhof, confirm as well, “The decision has our full support. The new date at the end of June positions ispo_summer perfectly for the entire order process.”

“Finally the entire industry has made a clear decision. Retailers and manufacturers absolutely want to utilize ispo as their lead tradeshow, and that matches our core competence – information and communication,” commented ispo director Knoll after the historical meeting. “We are excited and already full of energy and ideas. ispo 03 summer will ring in a newly productive and growth-oriented chapter for the sporting goods market.”