TransWorld SURF Editors Picks

Editor In Chief Joel Patterson:
The world’s most credible Web site for English soccer news, including information about the greatest sports team on Earth, Manchester United.
The only news reporting agency in the English-speaking world I trust anymore.
Garrison Keillor’s daily 5-minute synopsis on what happened in literature throughout history on that particular day. For nerds only.

Photo Editor Pete Taras:
Lots of great music so when I go out with my super-emo hipster friends I can act like I know what I’m talking about.
Obvious choice. The “do’s and don’t column get me through those long days of converting RAW files to DNG.
I don’t even have an account–sorry ladies. But it’s a great way to monitor my brother’s illegal activities and perv out on all his hot chick friends.

Editor Chris Coté:
Super killer band Web site, everybody should have this as a bookmark.
Watch any video you could ever want of anything and anyone, have fun.
Still the best place for the funny stuff.

Online Editor Justin Coté:
The best way to get tons of hits and make myself look good is to blast away at this bad boy–all day, everyday.
Unlike Joel, the only news I believe is fake news.
I’m not really stalking my ex, just “checking up on her while she cavorts around the beach in her bikini with her new European windsurfer “friends.

Managing Editor Casey Koteen:
Not just regular google, I’m talking about a customized google homepage. You can put your gmail inbox on there, favorite website updates, weather, and a bunch of other nerdy shit. But it’s cool ’cause it all pops up at once and is easy to scan.
Lots of good news, organized well. Plus, it’s the New York Times.

“Day To Day on
Day To Day is a newer NPR show. It’s a news program, but it usually has some interesting takes on current events.

Other staff picks:
Get the lowdown on the North Shore and the Wolfpak here.
Know when to call in sick, when to go to work.
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