TransWorld SURF In The City

New York City, April 19, 2004.


A heat wave has engulfed Manhattan and the city dwellers are shedding clothes like Connecticut leaves in autumn. The city is alive, the city is ready to party. As our taxi winds through traffic toward the Chelsea area of New York City, a bright light shows in the distance. It looks like a red-carpet entry complete with paparazzi and famous faces. This couldn’t be it, could it? Then the TransWorld SURF logo becomes clear as we pulled up alongside the curb. This is our party. As we pull up, the paparazzi goes nuts. No, they aren’t jockeying the editor of TransWorld SURF—they have their lenses and flashes fixed on two eight-foot-tall freaks of human beauty as they stroll into the party.

Let me explain, my name is Chris Cote. I’m the editor of TransWorld SURF and a fish out of water in the ultra cool world of New York City. On this night however, I played host (for about five seconds) to a crazy, weird, hip, high fashion, New York hipster party.


To celebrate the release of TransWorld SURF’s first-ever bikini edition, we teamed up with the modeling agency Women Management to throw the party of all parties. While I only knew about three people at the party, I knew one thing—these girls were too tall for me. I entered the party alone and took a mental inventory of the guests at the party: “She’s a ten, he’s hot, they’re hot. Oh, Sunny Garcia and Makua Rothman. That chick is tall as a tree. Is that the guy who won the Apprentice? I thought as I scanned the room. This no industry shmoozefest, it was a New York cool-off. I don’t know who out-cooled who, but everyone won. Seeing ten-foot-tall supermodels get loaded and dance is a great spectator sport. Anyway, wish you were there, it was really fun. Check out for a news story about the event.

Until next year, keep rocking lobster, and check out the next issue of TransWorld SURF for more photos of the party.—Chris Cote