J7 Surfboards Wins The 2009 FCS Manufacturer’s Cup


Some of the best surfboard manufacturers in the U.S. battled it out in the inaugural FCS Manufacturer’s Cup on Saturday in Huntington Beach as part of the Jim Beam Surftag U.S. National Series.

There were two (2) 45-minute semi final heats and one (1) 45-minute championship finale. Each heat consisted of two employees and two team riders.

Teams included in the inaugural FCS Manufacturer’s Cup were Chemistry, Lost, Surf Prescription, Rusty, Timmy Patterson, Sharp Eye, J7, and Fire Wire. Every heat was filled with intense surfing as each team’s scores were within reach of passing.

Firewire, Chemistry, Lost, and J7 Surfboards all advanced into the championship heat where the “winner-take-all” prize purse of $2000 was up for grabs. Firewire and Lost failed to keep up with Chemistry and J7 as they had a dog fight finish in the last seconds. With time running thin, J7’s last surfer Dennis Rizzo, sprinted in to shore to pick up his team’s four bonus points, which ultimately ripped the victory from Chemistry Surfboards by 2 points.

J7 Surfboards was crowned the FCS Manufacturer’s Cup Champs. “This event was so exciting as it came down to the last sprint. The best part about the FCS Manufacturer’s Cup is that we get a chance to compete against other surfboard manufacturers!” – Keoni Cuccia (J7 Surfboards)
“We have been running a series for a few years in Australia with great success. This is the inaugural year in the US and we started small with eight teams local to Southern California. Next year we plan to add regional qualifying events and include a lot more teams. We think it’s a great way to spotlight the sometimes forgotten heroes of the surf industry. To say thanks to the people that keep this sport of surfing thriving with new ideas and new products. They work in a world of dust, noise and fumes to produce the craft that we all crave. Board builders are the heart & soul of the industry. It’s great for everyone to get together and compare notes on design and performance and compete for fun, cash and bragging rights. It also gives the manufacturers the chance to compete alongside their work colleagues and team riders. It’s really great to see everybody out there having fun and remembering why they got into the surf industry in the first place.” – FCS’s Tyler Callaway

1st PLACE – J7
Total Points72.4- Keoni Cuccia 22pts; Killian Garland 19.5 pts; Tarik Khashoggi 10pts; Dennis Rizzo 16.9pts.
2nd PLACE – Chemistry
Total Points 70.4 – Chris Abad 15.1pts, Kyle Knox 16.1; Jason Bennett 21.5pts; Willie Smith 15.7pts.
3rd PLACE – Firewire
Total Points 61.8 – Nick Rozsa 12pts; Noah Erickson 14.3pts; Mark Price 12pts; Chuy Reyna 20.5pts.
4th PLACE – Lost
Total Points 58.4 – Ryan Simmons 13.6 pts; Jason Miller 20.3 pts; Brandon Ragenovich 17.1pts; Trevor Traut 7.8pts.

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