Jack Freestone Signs With Uppercut Deluxe

Jack Freestone Signs With Uppercut Deluxe

Brisbane, Queensland -- November 18, 2013 — Purveyor of authentic men's grooming goods, Uppercut Deluxe, is proud to announce the signing of professional surfer Jack Freestone to its ambassador roster. The deal sees the ASP World Tour surfer representing Uppercut Deluxe, which is recognized in surf and skate culture as the go-to brand for superior hair and grooming products.

Freestone, 21, is known for his electric style in and out of the water, and is one of the hottest prospects in professional men's surfing today. The New South Wales-born shredder, who took down two ASP Junior titles in 2010 and 2012, says he's looking forward to triumphing on the world surfing stage, backed by his preferred grooming product supplier-Uppercut Deluxe . "Working with Uppercut Deluxe is definitely one of the coolest things I’ve done. I’ve always used Uppercut Deluxe, I love how many options there are. I wanted to work with Uppercut Deluxe because their products are amazing, and something I use every day."

Freestone joins a growing roster of Uppercut Deluxe ambassadors including surfers Josh Constable, Nick Wallace and Matt Chojnacki. Uppercut Deluxe director, Steve Purcell, says he's proud that his company is representing a surfer who reflects his brand's two most prized values-- style and quality. "Jack Freestone represents a brand of surfing that aligns itself with the direction and values of Uppercut Deluxe," says Purcell. "We do not look to conform, we are original and focused on style- just like Jack's surfing.”

Uppercut Deluxe plans to work with Freestone in some key campaigns in the near future, and is looking forward to growing its ambassador roster with more signing in the coming months.

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