Jack Johnson Surfs In Between Dreams

For Jack Johnson, surfing comes first.

According to Jack, “I grew up always wanting to be a pro surfer. That was my dream but then I just sort of fell out of the dream when I graduated high school. I was doing it on a small level in Hawaii with some pro events and things but I wasn’t going to go on tour or anything so I sort of went away from that. I always sort of thought that I was going to get into doing surf films. I guess what I’m getting at is that the music thing caught me so off that I had no expectations.

Regardless of his expectations, Jack’s blown up. Now a multi-platinum recording artist who just wrapped up his latest album entitled In Between Dreams; Jack Johnson has become a household name. In Between Dreams is another collection of catchy acoustic folk songs with thoughtfully written lyrics that express Jack’s uniquely laid back outlook on life.

Jack describes how surfing influences his music: “A lot of my songs remind me of being on boat trips. I lot of times I just have the time to think while I’m out there and so I’m writing about things from back at home but they’re written on those surf trips mostly.

Jack John-story

A brief Jack Johnson history goes a little something like this:

5 years old
Jack gets his first surf board and begins surfing daily near his parents’ home in the North Shore of Oahu in Hawaii.

14 years old
Jack starts teaching himself to play guitar.

17 years old
After entering and doing well in surf contests, Jack picks up a sponsorship from Quiksilver.

17 years old
Jack makes the finals for the trials of the Pipe Masters Contest. He surfs his last heat with Johnny Boy Gomes, Liam McNamara, and Michael Ho but does not qualify past the heat.

2 weeks later
Jack splits his head open surfing and spends the next two months of recuperation time honing his guitar and music skills.

18 years old
Jack leaves Hawaii to attend UC Santa Barbara. He meets his future wife Kim during the first week of school.

Jack graduates college with a film degree.

Jack hooks up with the Malloys and they film and produce Thicker Than Water.

Jack meets and records a track with G Love while working on Thicker Than Water.

Thicker Than Water is released and wins Surfer Magazine’s Surf Film of the Year Award.

Jack and Kim get married.

Kelly Slater and Jack co-produce the critically acclaimed surf film entitled September Sessions.

With the encouragement and help of Ben Harper and his producer JP Plunier, Jack records his first solo album, Brushfire Fairytales. By January 2003, Brushfire Fairytales goes platinum.

Jack works with legendary Beastie Boys producer Mario C to record his second solo album, On And On. Within a year, On And On sells over one million copies.

Jack and his wife welcome a new member to their family, a baby boy they named Moe.

Mar. 1, 2005
Jack releases his latest album entitled In Between Dreams.