Jamaican Free Diver Killed By Shark

Jamaican Free Diver Killed By Shark

Our condolences go out to family and friends of George Facey…

As reported on therepublic.com

KINGSTON, Jamaica — A large shark fatally attacked a spear fisherman on Tuesday as he dove in waters miles off the coast of southern Jamaica, according to authorities and colleagues of the dead man.

Police identified the victim as 68-year-old George Facey of the western town of Savanna-la-Mar. They said he was among a group of Jamaican fishermen who left the Old Harbour Bay Fishing Beach early in the day and encountered sharks while diving off a remote cay located some three miles off the south coast. A local fisherman said he was told by colleagues that the veteran spear fisherman got separated from the group and was attacked by a possibly 16-foot-long (4.8-meter-long) shark, likely a tiger shark.

Police said that Facey was bitten several times. As the big shark circled, his companions managed to retrieve his bleeding body from the water and returned to shore, according to fishermen.

Anthony Daley, a fisherman who was on the Tuesday fishing trip, told The Jamaica Gleaner newspaper that he saw the shark that killed Facey and it was the largest he had ever witnessed in a decade of fishing. “Me fish everywhere in Jamaica and even as far away as Honduras and this is the biggest shark me ever see. The shark is definitely a killer because George never have any fish for it to kill him for. It is just a devil shark,” the Gleaner quoted Daley as saying in the Caribbean island’s patois.

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