James Manss 3-8

Name: James Manss

Age: 16

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 140 lbs.

Hometown: Santa Cruz, California (East side)

Sponsors: Globe, Tavarua, JC Surfboards, Da Kine, O’Neill

I’ve watched this guy grow up so much over the last few years. From a tiny little Pleasure Point kid to one of the boys, he’s always been quiet and respectful. I even remember when he first jumped into the contest scene: his mom, little terror of a brother Chris, and he came up to me and respectfully asked how contests work-I was truly impressed.James comes from a local surf family, including his dad who’s been out in the water of Pleasure Point for as long as I can remember. One time I dunked James-I soon found out how truly big and local his dad is.Now almost fully grown, his surfing has matured successfully and he’s doing big frontside cutties, and looking more and more psyched every day. James is in Bali right now, which is probably the next challenge in his surfing-being on the road. I’m sure he’ll have no problem with that, either.

-Omar Etcheverry