Jamie O’Brien Gets Wildcard Seed Into Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro

Jamie O'Brien At Pipeline. Photo: Seth Stafford

Jamie O’Brien and friend at Pipeline. Photo: Stafford/SPL

According to an article on www.ibaworldtour.com Jamie O’Brien, the same one flipping the bird to the deeply-slotted booger in the picture above, is going to trade in his tri fin for a boogieboard at the upcoming Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro. And why not? Apparently surfing Pipe with just a couple other guys is too good of an opportunity to let pass. ..Smoke ’em Jamie!

As reported on ibaworldtour.com

In one of the most extraordinary twists in modern Pro surfing, Pipeline local Jamie O'Brien has been granted a start in the seeded rounds of the Turbo Bodyboards Pipeline Pro.

International General Manager of the IBA Terry McKenna says that O'Brien started his surfing career on a bodyboard as a kid before making the transition to fibreglass.

"Apparently Jamie was into it when he was younger and still feels keen enough about it to have a start in the event. Word on the street is that he can still hold his rail in and ride deep in the barrel at Pipe, so it will be amazing to watch " said McKenna.

"Jamie is one of the most innovative surfers in the world and an astounding waterman so I would not put it past him to blow some minds at his home break."

"I can only imagine that this will be one of the most highly anticipated heats of the year and watched by everyone in the surfing community. It's a bold move and a first for the IBA " said McKenna.
How do you think Jamie will do against the world’s best bodyboarders at Pipeline?