Jamie O’Brien Interview

We’ve been hearing about Jamie O’Brien‘s newest movie Who Is J.O.B.? for what seems like ages. Filmed around the world in only the best waves the crew could find, it’s safe to say that Jamie O is a picky bastard when it comes to surf. Love him or hate him, his fondness for only the best surf in the world will only make for what we’re guessing is going to be an incredible visual experience. Check out the latest Who Is J.O.B.? trailer above and get the low down and tour dates for the flick below…

TransWorld SURF: This has been one of the most-talked about surf flicks of the year, when can we expect it to finally come out?

Jamie O'Brien: The world premiere is October 7th, so that’s when it’s out!

Who is J.O.B.? Find out October 7th at the La Paloma in Encinitas, California. Photo: Noyle/SPL

Who is J.O.B.? Find out October 7th at the La Paloma in Encinitas, California. Photo: Noyle/SPL

Where did you guys score the best surf?

Tahiti, Mexico, Indonesia, Micronesia, Tavarua, Hawaii. Let’s just say I surf to score good waves only!

Did you film anywhere unusual or off the beaten path?

I don’t like to surf off the beaten path, but maybe next year it could become something I'm interested in.

What's the funniest story from the filming?

Well, when we put up our trailer on Surfline, we left the comments open and I guess you could say, "If you ain’t got any haters, you ain’t doing nothing right," so I must be doing something right! [Jamie will soon learn of the ruthless nature of the TWS message boards]

Where's the world premiere going to be?

The Lido Theater in Newport Beach, California.

How much of the film are you yourself editing?

I have no interest in editing this movie, because I have the best guy in the game editing it--Dayten Likness is changing the game!

How many beers do you think Ruben has put down since filming began?

Ruben gets the clip...

Ruben gets the clip...

Lets just say it’s unexplainable and priceless. No, Ruben’s pretty good.. He’s a better filmer under the influence, at least that's what he says!

What's been the highlight of the making of the movie so far?

Just surfing all the best waves in the world... It’s been all fun and games!

Did you guys film with a little remote controlled chopper? Give us some details of that setup...

The remote control helicopter was insane! We got some really cool angles. Actually got the helicopter in a barrel but crashed it.

Who can we expect some cameo performances from?

Ryan Hipwood, Kawika Stillwell, Makua Rothman, and Adam “Biff” Desposito.

If you had to guess, how many Red Bulls went into the making of the movie?

Basically, I drink five Red Bulls a day, and I think Dayten runs off of about eight. Ruben only drinks 40s. So, straight up, no joke, over 10,000 Red Bulls since we’ve started filming. And if you don’t believe me, come drink with me, free of charge!

Did you guys spend more or less money than Julian Wilson did on his movie?

Way less. No comment after that.

In your eyes, what makes for an amazing surf movie?

Great waves. Because when you go on a surf trip, or think of surfing, you think of the most perfect waves in the world.

Jamie O'Brien signs off... Photo: Noyle/SPL

Jamie O'Brien signs off... Photo: Noyle/SPL

Who Is J.O.B.? World Tour Dates And Locations:

World Premiere - 7PM Lido Theater (Newport Beach, CA) - October 7th 2010. One showing only!
House of Rock - Corpus Christi, Texas - October 13th 2010
Aqua East Surf Shop - Jacksonville Beach, FL - October 15th 2010
Red Dogs - Wrightsville Beach, NC - October 16th 2010
Red Bull Space - NYC, NY - October 17th 2010
Duluth, Minnesota - TBD Venue - October 21st 2010
Waikiki Parc – Honolulu - Honolulu, HI - October 23rd 2010
Surf & Sea - Haleiwa, HI - October 24th 2010
Red Bull HQ - Santa Monica, CA - October 26th 2010
Rio Theater - Santa Cruz, CA - October 27th 2010
La Paloma Theater - Encinitas, CA - October 28th 2010